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Desc:America's future in 35 seconds
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Humor
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Comment count is 16
Caminante Nocturno
Creo que esta manejado por la profesora de Charlie Brown.
Caminante Nocturno
¡Olvidé una señal de acento!

wahh wahh wah wah wahhh wahhhhhh

Rodents of Unusual Size
M. Night Shyamalan's "Peanuts" - one star

After Charlie Brown and his friends wake up one morning, they slowly begin to realize that there are no adults in their world, and upon investigation reveal that there are only strange food trucks and hidden speakers that blast nonsensical noise into their prepubescent world. When the hypnotic illusion is shattered and the children cope with their post apocalyptic reality, strange yellow bird and white and black dog creatures that shoot down at them from the skies haunt their daily lives.

It wouldn't suprise me if people are dissapearing in that town.
Reminds me of the announcements made on the loud speaker on the subway
The fruit trucks in South Korea have loudspeakers pumping out what sounds like angry propaganda but really is just listing the prices. Never failed to wake my ass up way too early on my weekends there.
Robin Kestrel
"Tonight only, the fabulous Blues Brothers - Rhythm and Blues Review! The Palace Hotel Ballroom, Route 16, Lake Wazzapamani! You, on the motorcycle!...You two girls, tell your friends!"
spiteful crow
Imagine this coming down the street at the same time as the Ghetto Ass Ice Cream Truck.
Jet Bin Fever
Who do you think would swerve first?

Oh god my hangover.

Corpus Delectable
It's so musical. You could play this on a tuba.
Wish Bloomberg used this exact same truck to inform people to leave low lying areas when Irene hit instead of the normal channels.

The panic, confusion, laughter...he could of had ElBloombito do the announcements.
Pyro's Empanadas
I saw Unintelligible Empanada Truck back in '98 when they opened for Neutral Milk Hotel.
Banal Intercourse
Why are we so sure it's an empanada truck. It sounds to me like he's selling (something something something) BURROS.
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