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Desc:Alan Moore being Alan Moore.
Tags:Space, alan moore, time, human consciousness
Submitted:Void 71
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Comment count is 19
This is touching on why I'm an atheist that believes in God.
That's just annoying, cut it out >:(

haha never

He's incorrect about the steam engine and how it came about, especially in terms of transportation. This same fallacy is the same across all inventions because he's ignoring the inventions, technology, and social and economical climates that existed during and prior. Inventions typically follow a logical and incremental progression*, and the types of parallel evolution he's talking about typically only come from places that have access to the same type of technology and education. The step from pump to steam engine was actually a pretty obvious one, all it needed were the same conditions to justify its invention - and luckily those conditions were damn near everywhere, as there were plenty of mines and wells around that needed better draining with less manpower. Throw in the preexisting concept of a flywheel, and you're now transporting wildly across the world!

It's not a mystery, it's completely objective and has no place being mixed in with actual, mysterious stuff. I want my mysteries cold and undiluted, stripped down to the point where they are uncomfortable against my bare senses.

I am way into this kind of thing, and into the idea of our universe being just about anything, shit, even The Eagles Emanations, if you want - but parallel evolution of just about anything is pretty easily explained using simple logic if one has enough data.
That was my first thought upon viewing this video. Which is more likely; that 5 people would all independently invent the steam engine without collaborating in the 17th century or whenever, or that ONE person would invent the steam engine 100,000 years ago?

Void 71
Alan Moore always lets his imagination get the better of him. He has a solid grasp of esoteric/occult history, but he always throws in some insane shit, like how he talks to clockwork gnomes with thousands of eyes when he does his rituals. Then he tries to make his interest in magic appear normal by simplifying the definition of magic to 'any creative act'. It's like he wants people to think he's a quirky occult genius like Robert Anton Wilson rather than an insane sex magic pervert like Jack Parsons, so he mixes the crazy shit with stuff that people can relate to. Then he says something funny to assure the audience that he still has most of his marbles.

His comics have been pretty bad for the last 15 years, too. I'm hoping that he redeems himself with The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic. I hope it doesn't end up being an Aleister Crowley love fest. The history of the occult is fascinating and Crowley occupies just a fraction of it.

*unless you're Tesla or something.
I voted this up because this guy's full of shit. Who is he? Doesn't matter, he's full of shit. 5 stars!
Oh, he's a 'graphic novelist'. That explains it. Get back to doodling, hippy.

He writes comics and is into the occult and is also British. Whatever comes out of his mouth MUST BE BRILLIANT.

Go find a picture of him. He looks exactly like you'd expect.

That guy
this is 1 or 5 stuff alright

reminds me of a phenomenon I experience occasionally. Me and some other people will be watching a movie like, say, Star Wars that we've all seen a million times. And then I notice something I hadn't ever noticed before like a guy moving in the background. and it turns out that everyone else noticed it for the first time just then as well.

Makes me think that our minds must have all been primed to notice it by some shared event. Like watching something happen on the news last week opened our minds to looking at things a different way. Just the right kind of different way to notice a particularly subtle detail in a movie. I doubt its some mystical thing. Then again, mystical-ness is probably just phenomena that's beyond our understanding anyway.
This is the guy who created The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Batman: The Killing Joke, Voice of the Fire, & Lost Girls.

He can rant about anything & his immortality is still assured.
And Miracleman.

Hank Friendly

right, female circumcision as mandated by a god is certainly a richer experience of reality. likewise, god put cancer here for a reason. similarly, spending my sunday worshipping a water god which governs an often overflowing river source is far better a way to spend a sunday than playing video games and/or reading the new york times sunday magazine. Take your mourning of lost Hierophany's and write another amazing graphic novel why don't you?
I believe this is from "The Mindscape of Alan Moore," a documentary from a few years back. Basically he spends a very brief amount of time discussing his major graphic novels and the ideas behind them (including Lost Girls, his fairytale loli porno book) and then plunges into a wild tangent talking about God knows what for an hour over video of random shit. It may catch you off guard if you go into the movie expecting to just hear him talk about "V for Vendetta" and suddenly he's off on another planet somewhere with his thoughts.
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