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Desc:Part of a series of classic physics experiments executed in Minecraft
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:science, minecraft, do not look directly at chicken beam
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Comment count is 18
Well, maybe not all classics, but still interesting.
Who needs Khan Academy?

Caminante Nocturno
They're crossing the chicken streams?!
Why are people posting these videos? Whatever your hard on is for minecraft, take a look back for a second and ask "Is this evil? Is this a thing people need to see?"
Robin Kestrel
Some also ask, "is it clever? humorous?" etc.

Obsessing over a video game for inane results is pretty evil. Don't see the difference between this and the mentally / socially handicapped anime turd vloggers posted here normally, wasting their time on something so pointless.

yeah fuck all those worthless nerds who waste their lives trying to illustrate laws of physics in such a way that would reach people who otherwise might have never bothered.

they should take a good long look at themselves and start contributing to society in MEANINGFUL ways, like maintaining a false sense of superiority over hypothetical people on an aggregate website

Probably most of the videos on this site are just funny/entertaining/interesting and not at all evil. As someone who enjoys interesting stuff but not getting all riled up, I appreciate that.

Minecraft is pretty amazing, even for people who don't really play games, like me.

To be sure, this video is absurdist humor, not really meant to teach people about the laws of physics.

Well, sure, it's far from a serious reproduction in a controlled environment, but it is an (at least mildly) entertaining riff on the basic concepts.

I bet it inspired at least a few stray internet folk to look up exactly what this was in reference to, which makes it more "worthwhile" than say, a fat dude rhapsodizing Death Note.

It isn't a reproduction in in any sense, other than a similar diagrammtic layout as the original experiment; pointing at the feathers landing at or near the nodes in the interference patten is simply absurd humor.

Forgive me if anyone think I am pontificating, but many (high school teachers) misinterpret this experiment which leads to confusion with regard to the "dual" nature of light.

Is light a wave or particle? It is a particle (ask Feynman if you don't believe me). We are detecting the accumulation of many discrete (particle) events in the single/dual slit experiment. What is non-intuitive is that we model the behavior of those particles as waves, as opposed to particles that move in a classical sense.

Corpus Delectable
Is it evil or good that Minecraft has effectively captured 83.7459287% of the available sperglords of gaming age?
Hopefully Notch's plan is to snowcrash them all

Are you saying that only 16.2540713% of the available sperglords are playing Dwarf Fortress?

Banal Intercourse
No, Toenails. 61.35568% of available sperglords are playing both. 98.9254% are playing one or both. In fact, the Venn diagram illustration of sperglords playing Minecraft intersecting Dwarf Fortress is a great example of the same intersections you see with... wait for it... a classic double slit experiment.

Corpus Delectable
Meant as a reply to TSR
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