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Desc:Dude, you broke science. Yer dad's gonna be pissed.
Category:Religious, Science & Technology
Tags:chickens, Creationist, SCIENCE!, staring
Submitted:Abstract Fainter
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Comment count is 18
No yeah if you just want to have a conversation with yourself that's cool.
This guy's videos are amazing...I just never had the idea to actually submit any of them. At first I thought he was just a sophisticated troll, but nope. He really IS this stupid.

Oh, and the "chicken or the egg" thing is mainly a joke...it was never some sort of serious philosophical or scientific puzzle, although the question is interesting. But, this is of course, another example of "if you don't have an answer to this question, MY MADE UP FAIRY TALE WINS BY DEFAULT" logic.
But it's an easy answer though. Eggs predate chickens by billions of years, whatever bird we decide to call the first 'chicken' as an arbitrary designation along a long line of similar and slowly changing creatures, would have come from an egg.

If the question is "which came first, a chicken or a chicken egg", then it all depends whether you define a chicken egg as one laid by a chicken, or containing a chicken.

Anyone who can't answer that question with ease simply doesn't understand evolution.

Grandmaster Funk
Astoundingly punchable.
Watch out, he'll sic Bloodwing at you.

White muslims are the most irritating muslims.

Jesus raptured his lenses.
Oscar Wildcat
Bonus stars for the preload images on all the associated videos being exactly the same, just this douchenozzle's face. Is not a troll? Sadly, quite likely not.
Syd Midnight
From the preload image I thought it was Ali G, but Ali G had a better grasp of science.

Robin Kestrel
Where'd this water on the kitchen counter come from? Oh, it came from an ice cube that melted, you say. But where did the ice cube come from? Ice cubes come from water. So who made the water? It didn't just come out of thin air, did it? So who made it, huh? GOD. God made the four Elements.
A douchebag creationist, what a surprise.
It was the chicken, by the way.
There were eggs long before chickens, and chicken 0 had to come from a chicken egg, but a chicken as we know it did not need to exist to create the egg.

Shit, I guess you are right. I shouldn't use cracked.com as my only source of information: http://articles.cnn.com/2010-07-14/world/england.chicken.egg.riddl e_1_chicken-crystal-structure-human-skeleton?_s=PM:WORLD

This is why aliens don't talk to us.
Isn't this the same guy who can solve a Rubics Cube while on a unicycle?
Abstract Fainter
No, that would be useful.

You know what's even better than this?

This guy's video entitled "Why I don't like Western Women"

I'm already hoppering it.
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