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Desc:stupid because it was elaborately planned and executed with willing participants
Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:stupid, Pain, Balls, nutshot, natural selection in action
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Comment count is 16
The scream of one of them....it seems he has done this way too many times by this point.
Before or after the circle jerk?

Can you really feel schadenfreude when they all obviously enjoyed it?
Scientific explanation: http://www.economist.com/node/11579114

Every guy has been hit in the nuts before, but no man has been hit in the nuts and then fallen to the floor screaming and rolling around in pain like that. Getting hit in the nuts is uncomfortable, yeah, but come on guys.
I have seen men kicked in the nuts, freeze and change to a whiter shade of pale, then slowly crash the floor as they bow their head and succumb to the inevitable gutteral groaning which follows.

The Mothership
Each one is trying to out-groan the other, which suggests they aren't in as much pain as they should be. Sissy in the red shorts even put his hands in the way.

Agreed, getting hit in the nuts isn't so much a screaming pain sort of thing, as it is a "Ohhh god, hold on, just let me sit down for a minute" sort of thing.

So 5 stars for overacting.

Caminante Nocturno
I didn't realize they were going to use a truck.
Maybe next time theyll use the truck to run over each other's heads or drive off a cliff and raise the local average IQ.

Hopefully this will mean a smaller future generation of bros.
They're still thinking too small. What you do is take a rope, tie off one end to a wall or strong post, attach heavy jagged rocks at even intervals, tie the other end to a car's or truck's rear bumper, leaving some slack. The bros, like twenty or thirty of them, straddle the rope, and the truck drives off as fast as possible. The bros will get their nuts smashed so hard they go flying into the air and hopefully vomit on each other from the pain.

Make it happen, guys. Please.

Robin Kestrel
-1 because nothing was on fire. I have certain standards.
At least dudebros are going to eliminate themselves from the gene pool relatively quickly.
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