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Desc:The man cares about his art supplies. Lil John keeps it together.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Arts
Tags:gary busey, Meatloaf, Apprentice, lil John
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Resubmit:Syd Midnight

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Comment count is 11
White Trash Party
This is a man that makes threats like "I will rip out your endocrine system". Not sure you should be screaming at him like that fatass.
Oscar Wildcat
Just take their walkers away, cowboy. Then all they could do is glower at each other.

wtf japan
Lil John, baleen. Not Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is far too successful to be on this program.
Oh right. I don't know anything about popular things. It's true.

If I remember correctly the set up for this was that gary busey fucked around aimlessly at the art supply store and kept asking meatloaf to pick shit up for him - requests that only served to annoy meatloaf until this inevitable explosion. In later episodes they develop a man crush on each other and it gets real homoerotic real fast. Meatloaf even broke down in tears in front of donald trump when they separated.
From the point of view of Transactional Analysis, Meatloaf starts off in a Parent state towards Busey's Adult, which he seems content to keep up until someone finds his supposedly stolen art supplies, after which he enters a Child state. Meatloaf is Not Okay, Busey is Okay.
Timothy A. Bear
Find out what your celebrities biggest weakness is then pen appropriate scene. In this case it is HEART PROBLEMS.

If entertainment these days is watching celebrities act like normal people, why don't we just watch normal people do normal stuff?

Oh crap, we do.

We suck.
Chill out meatloaf, he didn't steal your burgers, you just misplaced your crappy paints.
Lil John's apathy brings this to the next level for me.
His name is Robert Paulson.
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