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Desc:Same guy as the Chicken or Egg Atheist thing. Degenerates pretty quickly into self-pity
Category:Religious, Stunts
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Comment count is 25
My wholly hypothetical mental picture of women is such a bitch!
Damn, those western women are really going to miss out.
Why would someone endanger his health by getting regular exercise unless he was insecure?
cool water sandwich
actually some insufferable douches are insufferable douches because they make a competition out of everything

I want to call bullshit on this one, but 309 videos is a whole lot of effort to put into a troll job.

Either way, there is no easier way to determine that someone is the absolute worst from a distance than white frames.
Especially when those frames contain no lenses.

Syd Midnight
The easiest way to tell a troll from a genuine crazy is sheer volume. 309 videos, you say?

Void 71
Since women exist in a collective Borg-like cell structure, all this guy has to do is figure out a way to pierce the protective estrogen field and implant the idea that goat beards, ugly glasses and self pity are desirable features in a mate.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Why is he not in Gitmo for that beard alone?
If you're only nice because you hope to get in a girl's pants, you're not actually a nice guy, idiot.
split tail
'because you only want to be friends with me, must mean you'll only date guys who are willing to smack the shit out of you.'

How the ladies have managed to resist his charms for so long is a mystery on par with the Marie Celeste.

Women who don't specifically like me have something wrong with them! WHY DON'T WOMEN LIKE ME?
Dwayne TFL in skiny hipster mode.
split tail
for him I guess there's only two choices, being a fat miserable slob, or a muscular egotistical prick
Grandmaster Funk
Not quite - you can be fat and confident, or muscular and insecure.

Fight the good fight, bro. I can only hope more and more men place themselves out of the market.
i think he is married? because he dedicated a video about loving someone even if they shit on the floor to his wife.

His stand-up routine needs work.

Maybe he should try a The-Difference-Between-Black-People-And-White-People routine.
cool water sandwich
somewhere there's a guy with improved delivery doing this in a coffee shop
New TFL video? 5 stars
Jet Bin Fever
I think the stupid glasses and beard are to distract you from his insanity and wrongly assume he has a sense of humor.
His glasses are whining so loud I can't hear what he has to say.
Holy fuck.
Caminante Nocturno
I'm guessing this is all speculation on his part.
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