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Desc:THE HORROR... THE HORROR... he never got his baconator
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:fast food, Pruane2, Jawsus, SPEAK ENGLISH, Im the Goddamn Baconator
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Comment count is 23
Oh God, I hope everything will be okay!
Wait...someone didn't understand the words coming out of this guys nose? Unbelievable.
This guy is still goin huh?
White Trash Party
A guy who's food is regularly spit in (or so I hope)!
From the way he snucks after each of his sentences, I think his regular food is actually snot.

Phlegm and nad-cheese and -hairs, yes.

Woah, his teeth got fixed since the last time I saw him.
Dude, you've been watching this kid for years. He's probably 18 by now.

He started high school recently. One of his more recent videos is him bitching about how high school isn't anything like in the movies.

i predict he will be only attack the lowest rungs of society with any sense of success.
Cena needs to up his game a little.
I remember the good old pre-braces days when he was referring to gay people as "fangs", and referring to himself as the "sex man".

Does anyone else know he now sounds like the character from flash movie on pwned.nl?

Puberty is a harsh mistress.

Billy the Poet
I'm glad you're down with Jesus, because you keep eating like that and you'll meet him soon enough.
When did he get into Jesus? I thought Jawsus cursed like a sailor, watched South Park and was all "DID YOU SHIT ON HIS WINDSHIELD" and "WHAT, YOUR DICK?" while conversing with his drunk dad. But JESUS would've gotten HIS Baconator.

No, what comes out of his mouth will eventually get him face to face time with Jesus...

No he understands the riots.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Oh wow, he looks like a younger version of Jim Norton.
"She didn't understand my order well because English wasn't her first language? That FUCKING BITCH! I mean fuck, what a goddamn bitch. You're a bitch for not learning English you bitch."

"People obviously like me and all my fans aren't trolls, so I am going to post this bullshit later."
Corpus Delectable
What's a "Meanium Coke?"
UFC posters make you badass.
Dude couldn't get it right at first either. He'd be a shit politician. Americans hold that kind of thing like a life raft.
One day, this kid is gonna be old enough to realize that putting things up his ass is something he actually does because he wants another boy to do it for him. Just sayin'.

Also: Give the 'horrible stupid bitch' a break Jawsus I'm sure she was just trying to make sense of your word slurry.
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