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Category:Video Games
Tags:Jurassic Park, Jeff Goldblum, secret ending
Submitted:The God of Biscuits
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Comment count is 15
Wow, this wasn't in the movie. Jeff Goldblum actually filmed this specifically for this awful video game.

I haven't heard anyone that patronizing since that epic Christian Bale meltdown where he was like:

Dread Pirate Roberts
That was awesome.
Jet Bin Fever
Oh if only they could've written in a code that causes the PS to overheat and explode after this.
Sudan no1
That's in the Independance Day video game.

Sudan no1

Caminante Nocturno
Real funny how you ran away from a dinosaur after your patronizing speech about going outside. A dinosaur you would've been safe from if you'd stayed inside like I did.

no jeff goldblum noises, no stars

wait, nevermind, 'get the stink blown off you' is worth a few
Ugh I actually have this game, it was hard as shit and you literally couldn't save your game. So it goes without saying that I never saw this part, although I might have had better memories of it if I had
White Trash Party
Is it the same one as that FMV one for the Sega CD? It was awfully hard and not really fun. Only thing I remember remotely interesting about it was dieing from honking a car horn which pissed off a nearby triceratops. Pretty sure I never went further then that.

This one was a side scrolling platformer, basically. You played as different dinosaurs and sometimes a human, running left to right. The game was sold as PLAY AS T-REX! but most of the time I recall you play as the tiny compy running away from bigger things and eating bugs.

Owt... side? Opposite sects? I don't understand.
Just think about how many other millionare movie stars disagree with your chosen hobbies. It just boggles the mind.
Why aren't you out banging models and parasailing around Fiji? Video games? Come on man, get a life!

Oh, like you've never let something idle waste your time, Jeff!
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