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Desc:burning man is now hallucinogens optional.
Category:Arts, Religious
Tags:Octopus, fire, drugs, steampunk, burning man
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Dread Pirate Roberts
Hate to say it, but all I see is the dead, empty space of a non-video. Am I fucking this up, or is this happening for everyone?
This happens to some of my submissions as well. They work in the hopper, but they disappear as soon as they hit the main page.

Working on it, stand by

replacement waiting for verification. verify that S and i hope you find it was worth waiting for. if you don't it will come for you in the night.

On hallucinogens, I would think that the octopus was really awesome and beautiful, but I would be freaked the fuck out by those Segways and the ways tech quietly climbs into our bed.
Now that I see this, I'm surprised the Girl Genius (http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20021104) version didn't shoot flames.
Rodents of Unusual Size

Not that I have a desire to ever go to Burning Man. (I don't)
I sincerely hope that the majority of burners aren't raging eco-hippies anymore, because this festival indulges in excesses that would rival most rock venues in terms of consumption.

That being said, its pretty cool.

I saw a very small amount of eco-anything there in 2007. Sure, there were the self enforced litter policies, which I actually agreed with, but for the most part is was about fun, not preaching to the choir about the environment while burning gasoline at a higher rate than one would in a year.

Lose the stigma against it and I honestly think just about every poster here would find something to enjoy about Burning Man, even is just to mock it. I was dragged there be friends expecting to hate it and now I have nothing but fond memories of my week in the desert.

If Burning Man were just the exhibits and not the people, it'd be perfect.
I disagree. This and many other incredible projects were built by the people who attend. A kinect controlled 7-headed breathing dragon? A group of LED powered jellyfish umbrellas? A rocket propelled garden? Burning Man is filled with people who build awesome things, and not so much the "annoyingly eco-hippie free love proselytizing jackasses".

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