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Desc:Apparently marijuana DOES cause brain damage.
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:drugs, apple, marijuana, wake n bake
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split tail
Yep. I've been living under a fucking rock.
cool water sandwich
This is why my drive through order is usually random objects and three extra things I didn't order.
I have a feeling this guy didn't have much brain to damage.
Fetal alcohol syndrome, looks like.

Sudan no1
Everything I've seen says that weed GROWS brain cells.

http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn8155-marijuana-might-cau se-new-cell-growth-in-the-brain.html

Keep smokin' FAS-dude, one day you may be normal!


There are a bunch of different peer reviewed studies that suggest THC inhibits development of lung and brain tumors by something like 60%, which means it basically protects you from the major health hazard of smoking it.

He looks/sounds as if he's related to that tard that was ranting about the coinstar machine.
The Mothership
I used to work with this guy; only he was a she, not at all fat and pretty cute. This person (however they come) is a non-stop source of entertainment, if unsurprisingly unreliable. Bless them, everyone.
I'm acquainted with a few of them. Some of them don't even smoke, all of them have a vital social role of being pretty fun to have around in limited doses.

Holy shit, it's the white ODB!
The DEA really should let the drug using populace speak for themselves. That being said I've smoked out of many different kinds of fruits and vegetables so I can feel some relief that I am thoroughly not a rock dweller.
Pumpkins on Halloween! Also, cucumbers make good steam rollers.

ICP in the background was a nice touch.
If you just carve out a bigger hole, you can use the apple as a pipe directly. Sort of the whole point of smoking out of apples, etc is that you don't have any papers or actual pieces around...
Jet Bin Fever
Well he's sold me!
I think it was the cough that did it for me.
long term unemployment is a helluva drug
Void 71
If you didn't have a friend like this when you were younger, then you really missed out.
Perfect ending
pyslexic dharmacist
"Don't. Break. Your. Apple."

The whole thing will instantly explode, possibly take out an eye.
Boomhauer: the early years
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