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Desc:Turn into super sonic: death
Category:Video Games
Tags:Sega, Sonic, Sonic Colors, when power ups attack
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Comment count is 14
games to play while on drugs
Most of them?

And I thought this game looked like shit from just the cutscenes...
At the risk of sounding like Chris Chan, why do they always need some stupid gimmick in these games? Is it so hard to just make a 2d platformer? Nintendo has understood that you just need to re-release the same game every 2-3 years and you are OK.
To what gimmicks are you referring? The only thing I'm seeing here that isn't pretty typical for a twitchy platformer is the bug-induced death, and I wouldn't call that a gimmick.

The entire Sonic franchise is built around a gimmick. That's kind of its problem. "He can go fast!" was pretty impressive in 1992, but in the 3D era it's a liability: high speeds are more likely to lead to camera seizures and cheap deaths than exciting platforming.

Nintendo gets away with having decades-spanning franchises because theirs are all built on basic gameplay fundamentals. Mario is about creative level design. Zelda is about exploration. Metroid is about progression.

There are other videos of super sonic dying for no reason. This might not be the buggy mess that Sonic 06 was, but still looks quite broken to call it a "decent" plataformer.
I don't understand this video at all. Was Sonic going so fast he clipped through a wall and off the platforms? And the YT comments just make it worse. What the hell is going on?

Fucking kids today and their Sonic Colours.
He went so far, then just....disappear, or something. I don't think even the player knows what happen.

Looks like a bug to me.

Xenagama Warrior Princess
Shadow the Hedgehog is infamous for freezing up if you go too fast, which was the whole point of some levels.

In other news, I am ashamed to admit that I have played Shadow the Hedgehog.

cool water sandwich
Undocumented feature
He invoked the power of his high school ring to change from Chris-chan Sonichu into Sonichu.
Sonic and his goddamn rings.

There are only two kinds of rings worth wearing: wedding and Green Lantern.

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