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Desc:Or rather, a lack of it.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:disabled, Compassion, cripples, the peoples court
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Comment count is 18
I'm confused by the idea that someone thought it was offensive enought not help a disabled person with the door to the point of making this video, but then calling them cripples at the end.
She is a crippled person.

Hay Belly
If is must be explained to you it's not worth the time as it's wasted on you.

I think SolRo means that referring to someone handicapped as a "cripple" is just as large an offense as not assisting them with a door.

Dread Pirate Roberts
Wow, such a dick.
This was the most wonderfully random thing to watch before I have my first cup of coffee.
I'm not sure what is worse, not opening the door for her or calling that lady a cripple.
Noun: A person who is unable to walk or move properly because of disability or injury to their back or legs.

Wow really? Try calling someone in a wheelchair cripple and see how he/she responds to you. Calling someone cripple is pretty offensive.

Robin Kestrel
Look, you can get the door held open for you, or you can get called by a less offensive term. You can't have both. That's just being greedy.

im sure her injuries are results of him trying to keep her at a proper 8 paces behind him
The music abruptly getting cut had me laughing. And BOO to you People's Court for not making Accessible Auto Doors to prevent this stunt.
Maybe she's a dumb cunt and doesn't deserve anyone to hold doors for her crippled ass.
That fat waddle-dee was a WOMAN?

Xenagama Warrior Princess
Don't worry, she has a cowcatcher on the front of that chair.
This made my morning. Thank you. :D
Shit, never mind. Should of made sure it was working before posting it.

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