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Desc:I didn't even know it was possible to like Robocop, Ray Wise, and Kurtwood Smith even more
Category:Classic Movies, Educational
Tags:robocop, Kurtwood Smith, Paul Verhoeven, bitches leave, Ray Wise
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14:00, god, 14:00
I wish I'd been there when the Robocop villains stole a golf cart.
Thank you bitches.
The Mothership
That's a wrap on the bitches.

puddin p
Now that's a great hug
Caminante Nocturno
The fact that Boddicker was based off of Himmler is surprising and logical at the same time.
A hero is only good as his villains - and this bunch is great.
All these guys have been in tons of movies, but I love how fondly they look back on Robocop. God bless that robot movie!
"Wrapped in plastic, just like Laura Palmer." Classic. Now I have to find my copy of Robocop AND Twin Peaks.
Keeping the charred dummy clothes in the closet was hilariously disturbing enough, then the Laura line was a double whammy.

Gravy on the cake.

Directive 4: Friendship

This must have been an enormously awesome set to work on, especially when you add Peter Weller to the mix who is notoriously great to work with.

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