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Desc:It's edgy, radical, and not at all confusing and tasteless.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:racism, teeth, joke, unfunny
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Comment count is 15
5 stars for evil, and the color-changing pupils. Freaky.
That's why I voted it up in the hopper. A black man with bad teeth telling a racist joke while apparently staring into a rainbow.

Hard to tell if he's projecting to fuel a victim complex, or if he's one of those guys who doesn't get up in arms over extremely politically incorrect humor.

Looking at some of his other related videos, its hard to tell, I've known plenty of other people who would be considered ethnic minorities in north america who are pretty cool with racist jokes. In fact the vast majority of "indian jokes" I hear are from natives themselves.

Its kind of shitty that from a cultural perspective tensions run so high that eveyone is now either pre-emptively butthurt, or become so when somebody flips out on them for something like this.

I'm sorry, but a "progressive" society isn't one where everyone indignantly shames others for stuff like this, but one where it can be assumed that there is no truly ill intent behind it.

Racism isn't what makes this joke evil or awful.

Making fun of somebody who died voluntarily engaging in risky flying is in poor taste, but no more or less than any other criteria that indicate a lack of irreverence for something another person might consider important.

He died voluntarily?

No, he died voluntarily engaging in risky behaviors.

That's what I said.

Thus he was fully aware of the potential consequences of his hobby when he started flying that plane.

Its still unfortunate, but I don't feel any worse for him than I do Ryan Dunn.

Stunt driving/flying is dangerous, and potentially life threatening.

So, at what level of risk do you start feeling bad for someone, Burnov? Do you look at the numbers?

cool water sandwich
He died from poor aircraft maintenance. Nobody does that voluntarily.

Hank Friendly
not every replicant is as profound as rutger hauer
Hard to say how many people would pass an empathy test these days.

Fact: In Blade Runner they killed about 10,000 libertarians by mistaking them for replicants.

I'm not going to flip the turtle over. That turtle should be able to flip itself over, not just live life depending on Big Brother and the government to roll it over every time it's almost dying.

Hank Friendly
Replicant (M) Des: KENNETH

NEXUS-6 N6MAA10109

Incept Date: 2 SEP, 2011

Func: Rhetoric, Shiftless Oaf, Offworld Infiltration

PHYS: Level D

MENT: Level D


Jet Bin Fever
Oh wow, an unfunny, real-life Uncle Ruckus?
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