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Desc:If this doesn't choke you up, you're a robot.
Category:Military, News & Politics
Tags:Military, gay, Dont Ask Dont Tell, DADT
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Comment count is 28
That might have been the most intimate moment Youtube has ever been privy to.
I mean aside from http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=97969

I find it amazing that this guy has experienced and seen things that we can only imagine, but crumbles like a little kid at the though of judgement from his father. He's kept that a secret a long time. I'm happy for him

"this guy has experienced and seen things that we can only imagine"

He's stationed in Germany, so yes, you may be right.

Five stars for the existence of DADT (which, as crappy as it was, still allowed men like this to enlist and serve), five stars for the repeal of DADT, five stars for this brave man, five stars for the supportive dad, and five hypothetical stars for friends and family back home who will hopefully follow in the dad's example. That's a lot of stars, but they're earned.

Bravest thing I've ever seen.

Soldier boy tell em

The Mothership
I wonder who 'the girls' are, and why he still fears them.
I know this isn't the appropriate (comedic) reponse, but he *might* mean his sisters. My dad refers to me and my brothers as "the boys" to other people.

The Mothership
Oh I know he means his sisters, and he is scared of them. That is what is interesting, he is more scared of his sisters than his father, I think.

"Hey dad. Can I tell you something?

Sure son, what's up?

I'm gay.

That's great, son. Say, how's the beer in Germany?"

Good for him and all, but Jesus, I was expecting a little more drama than THAT.
Five for the present being better than the past.
I'd proudly serve beside him, but not in front of him.

It's OK, Cena. You're in a supportive environment.

Jet Bin Fever
Wow, way to be mature Cena.

You guys know I'm not homophobic, its just a little joke. I've already served with openly gay people in the Coast Guard, because our service was the quickest to respond to the repeal of DADT.

You can't serve beside him Cena, he's in the military.


For this place never changing.

: D

Oh, we know you're not homophobic. You know what they say: everyone's a little gay in the Coast Guard!

Just out of curiosity, are the gay Coasties out NOW, or were they out BEFORE? I ask because in the Army, there were a shitton of fairly open gays; in fact, I gave up on trying to flirt with females in my company, not because of fraternization regs, but because most of them were lesbians. DADT got a bad rep in the civilian press, since it supposedly "oppressed gays" and "prevented them from serving", but the truth is DADT was never like that, at least not the young enlisted-and-NCO Army I knew. It was mostly a formality to appease social conservatives back home, and I think if people had known what it was really about (bureaucratic agnosticism and keeping identity politics out of one's professional life, with an ironically hefty dose of socially progressive thought-policing) it wouldn't have gotten as much bad press as it did. But then, DADT was never really about the military at all; it was simply a way for politicians on both sides of the aisle to play games in an easily understood yet ultimately meaningless fashion.

I joined just as it was becoming repealed, so I can't tell if the open guys were open because they knew no one would process them now or because the CG had already been relaxed on it.
By saying the CG was the quickest to respond is that they were the most cooperative and began training for the repeal of DADT before everyone else.

I wonder how all this is going to pan out considering the increasing numbers of active gang members found in various service branches.
I'm picturing something like Tobias in that episode of Arrested Development...

split tail
Sometimes America's hardened heart gets a little crack, then beautiful things burst from it ...

This is one of those things.
Awwwwwwwww. This video made me smile so hard. :)

I told my parents I was gay about four months ago. They told me I was never to speak to my younger brother again and haven't called me since. They used to call me every other day.

Jane Error
Their loss, dairyqueen--but I'm so sorry you're going through this.

Jeez, that sucks. Sorry you're having to deal with that.

I would just feel sick if my kid was even remotely worried about telling me they were gay. My parents were announcing loudly to no one in particular that there was NOTHING WRONG with being gay before I even knew what it meant.

Shape up parents.
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