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Desc:Leave annotations on.
Tags:paranoid schizophrenia, Wal Mart, Gang stalking
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My favorite part is him telling you a lot of disinformation can be found on Youtube.
"It's all on camera, buddy. I'm going to blow the lid off this 'pretending to be random, unorganized strangers behaving perfectly normally' thing."
Fur is Murder
What a nice day.
And in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!

This is a really interesting kind of crazy.
The Mothership
"I'm not too bothered by the Stalking but can see the hidden police state that is being formed and the loss of Freedom that is to come if we don't stop it."
This is why i think a lot of people don't really believe all this conspiracy crap they shout. If they truly believed they were being stalked and what not they will probably be in a cabin in the woods, with no internet, no cable, no telephone, and a shit load of weapons.

"Thousands of people stalk me each day by making it impossible for me to park near Wal-Mart BUT WATCH OUT FOR DISINFORMATION IT WAS POSTED BY THE PEOPLE WHO DO GANG STALKING TO GET YOU ARRESTED."
I bet the Truman Show would blow his mind.
Spit Spingola
Your average Ron Paul voter right here.
Just like Katrina served as a testing ground and precedent setting case for the coming Police State, with forced gun confiscations and deliberate withholding of aid by FEMA, my neighbours are paid to conduct Rosencreutzian psyops by way of parking too close to my driveway and recruiting my cats to become Bilderbergers.

Oh, please. Rosencreutzian and Gildensteurnian conspiracies are dead.

I love how these actors are apparently trying to coax him into committing a crime, as if he would do something criminal if these were just normal people parking too closely to the Wal-Mart, but since he knows they're actors, he won't light their cars on fire.
I always enjoy the complete self-centeredness of paranoids. Ultimately you have to believe the entire world revolves around you, no matter how unimportant you really are.

Thousands of people who cannot work or enjoy their lives because they are actually meticulously planning a highly coordinated campaign of harassment. To fuck with someone who shops at Wal-mart.

Some of my favorite summer vacations as a kid were spent at Gang Stalking World. The rides were great, but the lines were always suspiciously too long.
for you

Banal Intercourse
Yup. Take mine too.

Jet Bin Fever
Those zany gang stalkers! They take all the parking spots closest to the store just to make you walk a long way... how wickedly clever! And those child actors acting like annoying children... how talented!
I fail to see how any of these things wouldn't be staged.
And all this time, I thought people were parking in the closest spots because why the fuck wouldn't you? Turns out they're harassing me!

That's one of my favorite assertions in this video, the child actor thing.

Like, they actually sat this kid down and said "Okay champ, you see that man over there in the car? This woman playing your mother, and thousands of other people, are trying to make him think he's insane, so you and her are going to walk in front of him now. No, that's it, you just walk in front of him."

This is actually kind of disturbing when you're an unwilling major participant in their fantasy. I have a neighbor who thinks I am "in on it" just because I accidentally tipped over my garbage can and made a loud noise. The paranoia becomes reversed when their condition hits a bad spot, because then I can't walk around in my front yard or talk to anyone coming to my front door without being monitored.

It doesn't help that these people form online gang stalking victim support groups, where it winds up being the crazy leading the crazy. IIRC, one listed the obvious signs of being gang stalked and it pretty much added up to: everyone is stalking you and everything that happens is related to the stalking.

I feel bad for these people. Fantasy and reality are feeding off of each other in hyperdrive.
I joined an online gang stalking support group once. Then, Other people joined. Not immediately after I joined or all at once, of course, but instead in a steady, almost mathematical progression. I say almost mathematical, because if you looked at the dates and times that they joined you'd notice that there wasn't a pattern to them. Making their actions appear random and completely normal is the most basic tactic employed by Gang Stalkers.

Every time I would sign in, there would be Gang Stalkers online because they knew my internet habits. They would pretend to be Targets and share generic, fabricated stories to annoy me. They would even sign in and converse with each other when I wasn't online just to perpetuate their farce.

Nyms Lives!
"If you look closely you may see an old man sitting in his car in front of me. He was already there to watch me because he knows its where I commonly park. I came out of the store and hour later and he was still there."

I'd love to come across this other guy's 'gang stalking' post -
"The Perp in the car that just pulled in in front of me is videotaping me as part of his Report on Me to the Police State Masters. I will sit here until he is forced to Flee. This is one of the Tactics you can use to fight Them."
I realize I'm a little late to the party here (on my own submission no less), but PLEASE read some of the youtube comments. You owe it to yourself to see how deep this rabbit hole goes.
And make sure you go back a little, past the more recent "lol your crazy" people, to the "lol i'm crazy" people.

Apart from the discussion on which gang-stalking channel is or isn't Cointelpro disinfo, there's this little meta nugget (probably written by one of you):

"I'm not technically allowed to contact you, but I just found this way too cute. Do you really think you can stop us or bring awareness to our program?

We've been setting this up for upwards of 34 years. Your internet and phone conversations aren't private, and I could have your home blueprints if you were any real threat. If this video had any chance of reaching people we don't have monitored, you can bet your ass you would be dealt with. But for right now, feel free to whine about it."

Let's see, I posted this video last night, it got accepted about 4 hours ago, and that comment was posted 45 minutes ago.

Which one of you beautiful bastards is it?

Whenever I see someone sitting in their car in a parking lot I always feel bad for noticing them because I don't want them to think I am staring at them. I must be a gang stalker. What I see in this video is the creation of a dozen jobs just to stalk someone at a Wal Mart. Also, fat kids do tend to walk in front of my car a lot and the traffic is never at the intersection until I get to it. I always thought the traffic thing was because my neighborhood has a shitty render distance, but conspiracy!


This shit happens all the time, its called having to deal with other people.

I'm always getting stuck at red lights and going to the grocery store when there's only two tills open and the store is packed with people.

Attention Shadow Government Overseers: I would very much like a job as a Gang Stalker. My skills include walking very slowly, being oblivious to the flow of parking lot traffic, and parking close to the Target as I don't like to walk. As you are the Shadow Government, you already monitor my internet use. Therefore, you should know exactly where to find me!

Sincerely yours,

I started out thinking that its a joke, but the sheer sincerity of his comments make me think this is genuine.
Looks like we're Gang Stalking Target Gary Needlemeyer today. We have to go to Wal-Mart, park close, walk slowly around the parking lot, then go inside. We have to be sure to buy bleach, vacuum bags, a girl's watch and an Iron Man action figure. Any more and he may become suspicious, and lord knows he's close to figuring it out already.

Some day... some day soon, Gary Needlemeyer, we will succeed in making you feel mildly uneasy! MWAH-HA-HA-HAAA!!
And this is one of the least disgusting and disturbing people that shop at Wal-Mart. I make a point to never go there, but the last time I did, I played the "Rascal scooter" game. I scored a 5.
Shit, she's on to us - call tomorrow off guys.

My mom is paranoid schizophrenic, so I spent my childhood hearing things like this every day. I think that might be a big part of how I ended up on this website.
Oh my god I hope one of these people blunders into an Improv Everywhere sketch
These stars are for the video, but they're also for you.

Man, that is some lazy no-account stalking. Now Brian here knows how to do it right:

This is a joke, right?

No one is honestly this paranoid....right?

Have I got some bad news for you.

Caminante Nocturno
He doesn't realize that by calling us out, he's playing right into our hands.

The fool.
Until this week, I hadn't even heard of gangstalking. I can only imagine that videos like these are totally fascinating for psychologists. Like, "Hey, look how this guy carefully documents his pathology."

Also, do these guys not have any concept of "how shit works", like the logistics that would be involved in having that many people employed as "stalkers" full time? What is the purpose? What is the actual return on that investment? As near as I can tell, the goal of the "stalkers" is supposedly to get this guy to commit a crime. WHAT???
Organized Gang Stalking / Cyberstalking, Chennai, India.
They always choose places like Walmart, where the poor low life perps buy all their stuff and it is the only place the dumbidiots won't miss their way to.
Please visit my youtube channel 'OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity' and click on the playlist Dr John Hall interviews(16 interviews) and Playlist Targeted Individuals Activists

Dr John Hall interviews (16 interviews)

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Targeted Individuals Activists

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfl7G1480t1Le4aEUxBLGKp BwxcL0p_n8
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