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Desc:The Daily Show is Epic Sometimes.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Educational
Tags:subway, the daily show, john stewart, super rich
Submitted:Louis Armstrong
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Comment count is 16
jangbones - 2011-09-23
I enjoy clips from the Daily Show. It is unfortunate that they never link properly.
fatatty - 2011-09-23
For those who don't fear the Hulu:

http://www.hulu.com/watch/281338/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewa rt-moneybrawl-the-extinction-of-subway-bill-oreilly-and-the-super- rich#s-p2-sr-i1

http://www.hulu.com/watch/281337/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewa rt-moneybrawl#s-p2-sr-i1

Konversekid - 2011-09-24
Canadians: http://watch.thecomedynetwork.ca/#clip534472

fatatty - 2011-09-23
It's nice to finally see America getting the populist it's needed for so long. It's sad that he holds so little power.
SolRo - 2011-09-23
I'm willing to take over the jobs of overtaxed millionares once they get sick of high taxes.

I'd gladly work for 10 million a year while paying a 95% income tax.
Burnov - 2011-09-23
I believe that was the operative logic during a certain period of time during zimbabwe's history.

It turned out to be something special indeed.

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2011-09-23
Solro has the most bizarre understanding of how money works.

Burnov - 2011-09-23
Wishful thinking...

Anyhow, this guy openly admits that he has a take-home income for himself and his family of like 219,000 a year, 381,000 of his OWN profits he puts toward reinvestment into his business, who does he have working for him?

Fucking robots?

Don't like being poor and having to work at subway? Why try to drag everyone else down because you can't improve your own life.

Your average B pressure welder/fabricator in western canada can make 80,000 - 100,000 dollars a year, I'm not even taxed REMOTELY as bad as this guy is already getting butt fucked, and you're resentful because he has a successful business?

If I were subject to the same taxation scheme as him nobody here would do the job I do.

You'd have to bring in starving people from a third world country to do a half assed job because they'd be insulted at the lack of compensation for their talents, and efforts.

You marxists are out to fucking lunch.

Ursa_minor - 2011-09-23
Burnov you ignorant so-and-so

Gommorrah - 2011-09-23
burnov i don't know what is more funny: your boasting about how you, as a clearly belligerent moron working negligibly-skilled manual labor, pull down 80+ grand a year and would be insulted by anything less, or your assumption that the reason that companies don't pay someone in bangaldore 1% of your annual salary for the same labor is related to their bumbling nigger incompetence and your manifest brilliance instead of the fact that the same marxist labor movement you describe necessitated that general rate and the tax-funded modern government secures it.

lmao you live in canada. you're not even an american so what is your excuse for this dogshit you irritable cracker retard

Void 71 - 2011-09-24
The average union welder in America is out of work half the year. This is in a major metropolitan city.

This guy is doing great by American standards.

Gommorrah - 2011-09-24
ya i wonder why that is. i wonder if its because canada has stronger trade protections and labor laws and a better educational system than the US. or it could be because burnov is the Zorro of melting one piece of metal to another. no man can say

memedumpster - 2011-09-23
Campaign Mode Activated. Scanning America... scanning... scanning... speak mode selector engaged...

1. I'm sorry I suck and am a sellout Republican shill.
2. Hope change hope change hope change.
3. Raise taxes on the rich.

joelkazoo - 2011-09-23
Don't tease, BillO.
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-09-24
No! Not Bill O'Reilly! He's gonna quit you guys... that's so sad.
Nikon - 2011-09-24
I'm perfectly okay with O'Reilly quitting.
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