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Today In History 2016
DWS Gets Lustily Booed At Home State Delegation Breakfast
July 25, 2016

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Chance The Rapper - Wonderful Everyday: Arthur ft. The Social Experiment

General Station - Cartoons & Animation
Too Arthur Week for 73Q. If you get impatient, skip to 1:51.

Kissing the Opossum

Pets & Animals - Stunts
If you kiss possums you WILL get bit in the face by possums.


Arts - Short Films

Proper Possum Conscious Uncoupling

Pets & Animals
Opossum massage lady's possums' marriage is failing and she mediates.

Possum demonstration

Pets & Animals - Educational

Twin Peaks - Fly on the Loose

Classic TV Clips
infinite zest
So a fly walks into a house..

The History of White People in America - Religion

Martin Mull, Fred Willard, Michael McKean, directed by Harry Shearer. You know what to expect.

New Music On 73Q
Please Do Not Go (Acoustic)
Violent Femmes
Violent Femmes
The Killing of America

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Decatur man takes his dog to get a Big Mac

Pets & Animals - Stunts

Possum Encounter

Classic TV Clips - Nature & Places
Possum Encounter

King Arthur and the knights of Justice intro

Cartoons & Animation - Cartoons & Animation
Its a dupe but so what

Barbara Encoded Steve's Death In His Own Video

Horror - Educational

Trump goes full Captain Queeg, throws Sessions Under the Bus.

Accidents & Explosions
John Holmes Motherfucker
Mommy, where's daddy? He's been gone for so long...

Darkest Hour - Official Trailer 1

Military - Trailers
'For without victory there can be no survival.'

Every That's What She Said Ever

Classic TV Clips
The Office

Streamer daughter walk in on him while playing a scary game

General Station - Video Games

Let Me See Those PERFECT Hips SWING!

Classic Movies - Humor
Prepare to have this stuck in your head. And in your face.

Space Odin MNR Promo - 7/24/17

Trailers - Accidents & Explosions
Space Odin
PoeTV's MONDAY NIGHT RAW -- Odin owns ye all on 7/24/17

Linkin Park - In The End

Arts - Religious
So Chester Bennington killed himself today, on Chris Cornell's Birthday.

John McCain 2008 vs. Donald Trump 2015

Classic TV Clips - Educational
Maggot Brain
'Class vs. No Class.' You'll be in our thoughts, Mr. McCain

SDCC 'Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling' Sneak Peek

Cartoons & Animation
il fiore bel
Movie clip from Comic-Con 2017

The Critic - Arthur 3: Revenge of the Liver

Classic TV Clips - Cartoons & Animation
arthur week continues

Iklan Lucu Kisah Legenda Nusantara - Indoeskrim Nusantara

Advertisements - Classic TV Clips
Goofy Indonesian ad for ice cream orbiting the web. My Indo sucks but I'll translate in the comments

Positive Affirmations 432Hz

Religious - Educational
'I highly recommend repeating these out loud in 1st person'

Florida PD demonstrates standard police procedure

Pets & Animals

Let us Camelot!

Classic Movies
John Holmes Motherfucker
I have to push the pram a lot.

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