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Pillager - 2013-09-30

You misspelled Awesome

Lef - 2013-09-30

no kidding, I'd watch this.

maybe not in a theater...

Hooker - 2013-09-30

You're in luck: you probably couldn't find this in a theatre.

Caminante Nocturno - 2013-09-30

The music in the first half of this trailer is the same music Robbaz uses at the end of his videos.

duck&cover - 2013-09-30

Taze that orc.

Aelric - 2013-09-30

This war happens in a rural farmhouse? That's cost effective.

prang - 2013-09-30

A movie about a white American guy using guns to protect his lady from a made-up threat? Hey, that's a concept for a movie I've never seen before.

Mend0zA - 2013-09-30

I think the Orc with a gun is Thanos from Marvel Pinball.

Comatose2 - 2013-09-30

This is what the NRA actually believe.

Jet Bin Fever - 2013-09-30

As long as he stays at over 21 feet from them he should be ok.

Binro the Heretic - 2013-09-30

"Hey, I had this great idea for a movie where this cowboy shoots hordes of zombies invading his farm!"

"People are getting tired of zombies."

"Well, we can't mow down hordes of Indians or Mexicans anymore. No matter which ethnic group you choose, they all get offended."

"We could make it a marauding horde of white people."

"Nobody would go to see that."


"They already did a cowboys and aliens movie."



"Fine, keep the budget low and shit it out for an October release."

chumbucket - 2013-09-30

^^^ Exactly

lotsmoreorcs - 2013-09-30


Oscar Wildcat - 2013-09-30

Had they only gotten Charlton Heston to play the lead, it would have been one for the ages.

BHWW - 2013-09-30

As far as films featuring orcs go, it'll probably be more watchable than the entire needlessly-stretched-out-to-a-trilogy The Hobbit is.

OxygenThief - 2013-09-30

A classic fish out of water story retold for the modern age.

lotsmoreorcs - 2013-09-30

8/10 would watch

Albuquerque Halsey - 2013-09-30


Kieran27 - 2013-10-01

All this needs is for a comic kid sidekick to be spouting rules about Warhammer 40K during the climatic battle.

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