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Most Views in the Last 30 Days
These are the most watched videos from the last 30 days.

#1 - 1161

Police officers shot during Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas

News & Politics
Live stream of CNN. Four officers dead and counting.

#2 - 1065

Half in the Bag: Ghostbusters (2016)

Humor - Classic Movies
Caminante Nocturno
Spoiler: They're misogynists.

#3 - 933


News & Politics
As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.

#4 - 910

Brutal fight between 2 cats

Pets & Animals - Accidents & Explosions
Albuquerque Halsey

#5 - 818

Glenn Beck's pet blonde has thoughts on Jesse William's BET speech.

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
Killer Joe
Racism: check. Not understanding racism: check. 'Whites freed the slaves': Check. Beyoncé: Check.

#6 - 795

Star Trek Beyond Trailer #3 (2016) - Featuring 'Sledgehammer' by Rihanna

Trailers - Accidents & Explosions
Being a trekkie is suffering

#7 - 792

Tyler, It's Not Worth It

Video Games - Nature & Places

#8 - 782

Black Lives Matter interrupts Toronto Pride Parade

News & Politics
Albuquerque Halsey

#9 - 774

Chris-Can's mom is now getting in on the begging game

Nature & Places - Fashion
Sexy Duck Cop
She has the screen presence of an ISIS hostage who has a dog fucking a chewtoy in the background.

#10 - 763

Chris-Chan Achieves Sentience

Military - Military
Sexy Duck Cop
July 10th, 2016: Christopher Christian Christine Weston Chandler Becomes Self-Aware

#11 - 743

How to park your Porsche in Vancouver

Accidents & Explosions - Stunts
Teen was fleeing from 250km/hr hit & run in 50km/hr zone.

#12 - 729

Lassie effect experiment

Pets & Animals - Accidents & Explosions
Testing if a dog will get help for a trapped owner. 28 dogs tested, all with the same results...

#13 - 718

The One Good Scene in X-Men Apocalypse

Classic Movies
And now you don't have to see it!

#14 - 704

Bob Flipping Out at Work

Science & Technology - General Station
Hugo Gorilla
Bob shows up to work drunk, lets everyone get a earful. I wish I knew the story behind this.

#15 - 701

Philando Castile Shot 4 times in Falcon Heights, MN

Crime - Horror
GF of victim livestreams aftermath of a broken tail light stop leading to a public execution

#16 - 693

King Arthur's Cancer update: What is mucositis?

Horror - Science & Technology
I have grade three ulcers from my mouth all the way through to my pooper.

#17 - 693

NSFW Custom Black Widow Figure

Crime - Horror
Monkey Napoleon
NSFW A deranged guy likes his action figures anatomically correct.

#18 - 674

Stephen Colbert Rushes the Stage at the Republican National Convention

News & Politics - Fashion
Sexy Duck Cop
Colbert has lost his mind, and I don't blame him.

#19 - 660

Customer Lights the Entire Walmart Fireworks Display

Accidents & Explosions - Business
God bless 'Murca!

#20 - 659

Context for Black Lives Matter

Educational - Crime
Binro the Heretic
Vi Hart lays down some truth.

#21 - 641

Rep. Steve King Says Something Relatively Controversial

News & Politics
And probably loses a friend

#22 - 632

CNN: Watch the FBI refute Clinton email claims

News & Politics - Crime
FBI Director Comey revealed that the Bureau's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private

#23 - 618

Polish Magician Botches Trick on Live TV

Classic TV Clips
magic gone wrong!

#24 - 617

Ben Carson Goes Rogue at RNC

News & Politics
I'm pretty sure this wasn't on the teleprompter.

#25 - 616

Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide: Uncensored (HBO)

Military - Arts
Samuel L. Jackson's Hilarious 'Game of Thrones' Recap

#26 - 606

Black Behavioral Therapist wrongully shot by police in North miami Florida 7/20/16

Crime - News & Politics
Born in the RSR
not my place to judge, but WTF America?

#27 - 603

Chris-Chan Erotically Lowers His Standards, Is Willing To Have Sex For Money

Fashion - Pets & Animals
Sexy Duck Cop
Like all good PUAs, he calls his genitals a 'wrongful mistake' and demands payment for sex

#28 - 602

Pope tells Bill Donohue to apologizes to gays.

Religious - Business
Bill Donohue is going straight to hell.

#29 - 601

John Oliver - Brexit Aftermath

Humor - News & Politics
Born in the RSR

#30 - 595

An example of the British electorate

Humor - Horror
The benefits of a classical education

#31 - 584

Laura Ingraham Nazi Salute at 2016 RNC Speech

News & Politics
i don't know about you but i always start waving with my arm straight out and my palm down

#32 - 583

Steven Universe - It's Over, Isn't It

Cartoons & Animation
Pearl deals with her girlfriend shapeshift-birthing herself into the kid she has to mother.

#33 - 580

Aamer Rahman on Reverse Racism

Humor - Educational
From his show 'Fear of a Brown Planet'

#34 - 578

The emotional, coherent, tonally consistent ending to some Sonic game

Pets & Animals - Crime
Sexy Duck Cop
You just know Chris-Chan is out there, stroking his chin and nodding contentedly

#35 - 578

'The gun didn't kill my boy. I did': Father grieves son he accidentally shot

Accidents & Explosions - News & Politics
Man with hands that shoot deadly projectiles grieves loss of his son.

#36 - 567


Humor - Classic TV Clips
Albuquerque Halsey

#37 - 567

Ted Cruz Refuses To Endorse Trump At RNC

News & Politics
Draws boos and jeers

#38 - 561

Batman surfing

Classic TV Clips
The only good Batman.

#39 - 557

Adam, the dumbest man in Manchester

News & Politics
EU regulations require that Adam's vote counts three times as much as a normal person's

#40 - 550

Nigel Farage post-Brexit EU Parliament Speech

News & Politics - Stunts
Albuquerque Halsey
Part 1

#41 - 550

Kim Justice on the state of Youtube

Educational - Business

#42 - 547

Brexit result: 'Now we can look forward to a good Great Britain'| EU referendum

News & Politics - Pets & Animals
You can't even deport convicted criminals if they have a cat!

#43 - 547

A pretty lady strips

Pets & Animals
il fiore bel
Makes love to the camera

#44 - 545

Honest Trailers - Ghostbusters 2


#45 - 543

Inexpicably, Melenia Trump plagrizes Michelle Obama's 2008 convention speech

Cartoons & Animation
John Holmes Motherfucker
the audio is pretty bad but WHAT THE HELL???

#46 - 538

Philando Castile, killed during a traffic stop

Horror - Crime
Black man executed by cop

#47 - 537

Happy Birthday, cognitivedissonance!

36 tomorrow?

#48 - 532

State Dept. reopens investigation into Clinton emails

News & Politics
Yeah I know, it's RT, but it's still the least obnoxious presentation I could find.

#49 - 531

Douchebag tests 'CO2 injecton knife'

Educational - Military
Moneyshot at 3:35.

#50 - 529

Scott Baio's speech at the RNC

News & Politics

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