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Most Views in the Last 30 Days
These are the most watched videos from the last 30 days.

#1 - 980

Project Veritas Spies on #DISRUPTJ20 (Part 1)

Educational - News & Politics
shrike the halls
an inside look at Antifa doing planning to disrupt the Trump inauguration

#2 - 929

MTV Resolutions for White Guys 2017

Educational - Humor
Rodents of Unusual Size
ALL WHITE GUYS SUCK. Now let's stop being racist.

#3 - 879

Trump shuts down CNN reporter. It's going to be a very long 4 years.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
This clown is going to destroy America and 60 million of them are fine with that.

#4 - 855

Jenny Nicholson - The Dark Side Doesn't Make Sense

Arts - Humor
Wherein Jenny takes us through the horrible plotting and flawed logic that make up Star Wars fandom

#5 - 840

Bill Hicks - George Michael

Humor - Crime
The more time passes, the more Hicks seems like the worst human being that ever lived.

#6 - 772

Richard Spencer Gets Punched In The Face

News & Politics - Educational
Neo-nazi dandy fop Richard Spencer meets an American hero in DC during the inaugeration

#7 - 750

Man opening Christmas present is attacked by jerk cat

Pets & Animals - Accidents & Explosions
...As Yahoo News alerts us to the latest viral controversy

#8 - 744

Mr. Plinkett Talks About Rogue One

Educational - Arts
Albuquerque Halsey

#9 - 731

Charlie Brooker's 2016 Wipe

Accidents & Explosions - Humor
Charlie Brooker, Philomena Cunk, and Barry Shitpeas try to slog though the shitshow (NWS Some dicks)

#10 - 726

Pro-Gun/Anti-gay Columnist Shot Dead In Home

Humor - Educational

#11 - 722

Old, fat, white woman goes off on a couple of brown women

General Station
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Ten more years to go before the worst generation begins to die off en masse

#12 - 712

'Debate' American Style: Our Top Orators in Action

Educational - Humor
Public Speaking at its finest

#13 - 708

White Fort Worth Officer Arrests Black Woman who Reported a White Man for Assaulting Her Child.

Crime - Horror
Binro the Heretic
Earlier today, a White cop pulled over a White guy for speeding and taught him how to tie a necktie.

#14 - 707

Thanks, President Trump!

Cartoons & Animation - News & Politics

#15 - 706

The Nerd Crew: A Pop Culture Podcast by Red Letter Media

Humor - General Station
Be sure to check out their sponsor Geek Crate at!

#16 - 673

Jenny Nicholson - Suicide Squad Pitch Meeting

Arts - Humor
Wherein Jenny takes us through a hypothetical pitch meeting by Amanda Waller for her Suicide Squad.

#17 - 664

Baby bat drops her pacifier and panics

Pets & Animals
baby bat

#18 - 664

Martin Shkreli Hit With Dog Poop

News & Politics
Hugo Gorilla
He was with Milo Yiannopoulos at UC, protesters didn't want either there.

#19 - 654

Trump denies watersports allegations

News & Politics
Allegedy, Russia has tape of him being peed on by hookers.

#20 - 648

Ace Frehley is a lazy paranoid anti-Semitic Nazi

Arts - Business
Maggot Brain
Story time with Paul Stanley

#21 - 645

CGI 'The Lorax': 'How Bad Can I Be?'

Cartoons & Animation - News & Politics
'...the newest meme of the upcoming new year at its purest form.'

#22 - 634


Fashion - Short Films
At a certain point, metaness just collapses on itself

#23 - 632

Turns out Bowser is a great dad - Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app

infinite zest
the days of hiding your gameboy under your bedsheets are over, kids. Bored? Sneak into dad's gunroom

#24 - 629

Boy does a cool stunt to impress a girl

Humor - Advertisements
Some say he's still tumblin'

#25 - 623

Donald Trump Has An Ominous Warning for Americans

Humor - News & Politics
another vic berger trump edit

#26 - 617

Moonshine Academy Seminar...Sour Mash: What It Is & How It's Done

Educational - General Station
Just another trans, bikini, moonshine seminar.

#27 - 606

Meryl Streep's 2017 Golden Globe Speech

Classic TV Clips
Foreigners, Press, Hollywood, Trump

#28 - 599

King Arthur Cancer Update: Revealing You Have Terminal Cancer On A First Date

Horror - Educational
They edited out the part where he calls it quits right after the cameras stop and she leaves crying.

#29 - 592


Crime - Educational
Merry Christmas, POETV

#30 - 589

RIP Carrie Fisher

News & Politics
2016 strikes again. 4 days to go.

#31 - 582

Atlanta - The Price Is On The Can Though

Classic TV Clips
infinite zest
An Arizona Iced Tea Joint

#32 - 582

Trump Sworn In

News & Politics
Highlight Reel

#33 - 579

The Young Pope - New Pope Pius XIII (Jude Law) gets ready to address the cardinals

Classic TV Clips - General Station
This is an actual scene from an actual show that has not been joke-edited.

#34 - 578

Socking Pretty Girls in the Face

A very specific niche

#35 - 574

Jack Black gets his arm shot off

Classic Movies - Accidents & Explosions
the part in the jackal when jack black gets his arm shot off by a depleted uranium bullet

#36 - 573

Adventure Time Season 7 - Preboot/Reboot

Cartoons & Animation - Science & Technology
Finn and Jake meet a mad scientist.

#37 - 565

Girl honks at ship

General Station - Stunts
Wait for it...

#38 - 555

Brianna Wu for Congress 2018

Crime - Accidents & Explosions
It's time for a bolder Democratic party (Comments are disabled.)

#39 - 549

How The Gays Stole Christmas

Video Games - Crime
MacGyver Style Bomb
Manbabies upset that a video game character turned out to be gay

#40 - 549

Runaway giant wire spool rolls down Pennsylvania highway

Accidents & Explosions
Props to driver dodging skills

#41 - 544

Texans Preparing and To Take On Local Radical Muslims

News & Politics
What it says on the tin. Well, actually more like a small group anticipating radical Muslims.

#42 - 539

Introducing... Aggretsuko!

Cartoons & Animation - Advertisements
Albuquerque Halsey
Meet Sanrio's next official character. This is real.

#43 - 538

Mark Hamill Reads Donald Trump Tweet As The Joker

Humor - Cartoons & Animation
Make Gotham quake again!

#44 - 538

Alien: Covenant | Official Red Band Trailer HD | Ridley Scott

Horror - Trailers
Oh Hell, yes!

#45 - 534

Jenny Nicholson - Westworld Sales Pitch

Humor - Arts
Wherein Jenny attempts to make a sales pitch for Westworld despite some obvious flaws.

#46 - 518

Election Day

Cartoons & Animation - Short Films
Albuquerque Halsey

#47 - 514

Vladimir Putin Says 'Hi' to Alex Jones

News & Politics - News & Politics
Alex gets all giddy when he hears Putin's a fan

#48 - 513

Peter Cushing on playing Grand Moff Tarkin on carpet slippers in 'Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Arts - Classic Movies
Rogue One's best performer, everyone.

#49 - 513

The End of Regular Show - Regular Show (Clip)

Classic TV Clips - Cartoons & Animation
The series finale aired last night, with zero advertising. Here's the last 4 minutes.

#50 - 511

HELP! My Ants Are Being Eaten Alive By Mites! | A New Year's Special

Pets & Animals
Not even ants were safe from 2016.

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