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Most Views in the Last 30 Days
These are the most watched videos from the last 30 days.

#1 - 1897

A Horrible, Horrible Coming Out

Horror - Religious
Rodents of Unusual Size
Man comes out to his parents, gets assaulted.

#2 - 1300

Bullies Trick an Autistic Boy with Fake ALS Bucket Challenge

Crime - Horror
Rodents of Unusual Size
They poured shit and piss on him. They filmed it and put it on Instragram.

#3 - 1260


Cartoons & Animation

#4 - 1017

Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon 'Comedy'

Crime - Cartoons & Animation
1 hour. How far can you make it?

#5 - 991

Kevin Sorbo is a Festering Piece of Dogshit.

News & Politics
Yeah I know, TYT but Sorbo is in face a piece of dogshit and they do a good job calling him out.

#6 - 940

BNP Youth Party Ad

News & Politics - Advertisements
Rodents of Unusual Size
This is amazing. And by amazing I actually mean TOTALLY insane.

#7 - 895

Israeli soldiers celebrate shooting a Palestinian youth

Military - Crime
Israel just wants peace.

#8 - 879

John Oliver Discusses Some Horrible News

Pets & Animals
infinite zest
To steal from Leonard Cohen, it's time to laugh and cry and laugh about it all again. Goodbye studs.

#9 - 840

Lawyer of Ferguson convenience store owner speaks out

News & Politics - Classic TV Clips
Crab Mentality
Submitted for the end.

#10 - 838

Hole - Celebrity Skin live (Courtney's solo vocal & guitar mics isolated)

Horror - Accidents & Explosions
The person who presented this was stiffed by Love on a bill for video production. Swears its real.

#11 - 820

Kirsten Powers to Eric Bolling: You're 'Offended' That Holder Remembers Racism?

News & Politics
Someone let a sane person into the Fox News studio! ABORT! ABORT!

#12 - 805

Fallout Equestria: Pre-Alpha Gameplay

Video Games
Pope Caius
They're turning the fanfiction longer than War and Peace into an actual game mod

#13 - 796

Promo for The Simpsons on FXX - Deedley

Classic TV Clips
Prickly Pete
If you watched The Simpsons marathon then you saw this. And if you're like me, you were delighted.

#14 - 794

Legion of Doom vs the Social Justice Warriors

News & Politics - Classic TV Clips

#15 - 791

GTA V - Virtual rape hard to track in online gaming, police say

Video Games - Crime
Caminante Nocturno
Disturbing things are happening in GTA V.

#16 - 789

Reality Always Wins - My House Is Your House?

News & Politics - Cartoons & Animation
The metaphor collapses almost immediately.

#17 - 775


Crime - Humor
The fight is on.

#18 - 773

Final Fantasy 15 Trailer

Video Games - Trailers
Killer Joe
Did you guess 'delicate mincing homosexual men' and 'neat vehicle design'? You win!

#19 - 769

Neighbors from hell. Huntington Beach, CA.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
The sound he makes when he's tipping over.

#20 - 766

Student suspended for saying 'Bless You'!!!!!!1!!!!

News & Politics - Religious
Herr Matthias
Or: you've already been forwarded this six times by your right-wing uncle

#21 - 766

Male Novelist Jokes

Arts - Humor
Filthy bookstore hippies mock literature's most beloved drunken hacks

#22 - 762

DuckTales Theme Song With Real Ducks

Humor - Cartoons & Animation
Exactly what it says on the tin.

#23 - 762

Homeless Millennial Survives By Picking Up Women Every Night

Short Films
Surprisingly not The Onion

#24 - 762

f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck

infinite zest

#25 - 761

Identical Twin Sisters Who Share Boyfriend & Bed

Fashion - Horror
twins take it a bit too far

#26 - 756

Man escapes an ISIS massacre in Tikrit (NSFW, violent images)

News & Politics - Horror

#27 - 753

Shenmue II: Cool Z Theme

Video Games

#28 - 740

I don't give a shit.

Video Games - Pets & Animals

#29 - 733

Who hacked and posted celebs nude pics?

News & Politics
infinite zest
CNN's Bret Larson has the answer!

#30 - 722

Snoop Dogg AKA Todd Presents White Guys Connect 'Coming Soon, Yeah Baby' Compilation

Humor - News & Politics
Snoop Dogg's new alter ego/trolling debacle.

#31 - 721

Miley Cyrus 2014 VMA Video of the Year Speech

News & Politics - Advertisements
miley parades some oogle she picked up off the street, dedicates her award to kids like me

#32 - 720

#GamerGate - Where We Stand

Video Games - Horror
John Holmes Motherfucker
Let's set the record straight. We just want to tell you what you're allowed to say.

#33 - 720

You have a message!

Science & Technology

#34 - 717

Slovenly Neckbeard Whines About Having to Work on his Anti-Sarkeesian Documentary

Horror - Crime
Sudan no1
This guy and that bald Satanist Aurini are gettin 5k a month to bash Sarks. This is an actual scam.

#35 - 703

How to Traffic Stop (Affidavit of Truth)

News & Politics
A Sovereign Citizen LARPs a hypothetical traffic stop interaction and how he imagines it would go

#36 - 700

Tribute to Robin Williams

Classic Movies
Prickly Pete
Good f'ing lord, that was one intense minute.

#37 - 696

Israeli sniper killing wounded civilian

Crime - Military
Israeli snipers killing resucers. Any more dipshits want to talk about ambiguity for justification?

#38 - 695

Artist Shows Vagina (Uncenzored)

Arts - Educational

#39 - 695

Mentally challenged man beaten by teenagers

Crime - Crime
Pope Caius
Two counts of evil - the video, and the YouTube comments.

#40 - 695

Mari, the Meanest Dog in Japan

Pets & Animals - Religious
Hugo Gorilla

#41 - 695

Kidnapped for Christ -- Trailer

Trailers - Religious
I wish this were a mockumentary, but it's sadly too, too true.

#42 - 691

A Twitch streamer get's SWATTED (SWAT raid) while streaming.

General Station
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
A butthurt gamer seeks petty revenge by phoining in a fake threat.

#43 - 690

Borg kitty

Pets & Animals - Humor
Prepare to be assimewlated

#44 - 684

Everything you love to hate about NYC

Stunts - Advertisements
Oscar Wildcat
In one easy clip.

#45 - 682

Brutal Takedown by Walmart 'Loss Prevention' in Parking Lot

Crime - News & Politics
The shoplifter bit the Loss Prevention officer at some point. (Walmart Edmonton West Supercentre)

#46 - 682

Walter White Gets All Weird on Elaine from Seinfeld on The Oscars or Something

News & Politics
infinite zest
The guy from Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard intervenes

#47 - 680

Automata - trailer

Trailers - Science & Technology
Rodents of Unusual Size
Let the nerdgasms begin.

#48 - 677

Trombone mishap

Arts - Humor

#49 - 671

Thunderf00t busted!

Video Games
John Holmes Motherfucker
Loudmouth vs. Logic

#50 - 671

Downloading the Devil

John Holmes Motherfucker
Devout Christian murders his family because of his porno addiction, or something.

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