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Most Views in the Last 30 Days
These are the most watched videos from the last 30 days.

#1 - 1148

Feminist Screams at a Man for Saying Hello

Accidents & Explosions - Horror
Rodents of Unusual Size
Claims it's harassment. She is a delight.

#2 - 1119

Transgender Children? NO.

Educational - News & Politics
Albuquerque Halsey

#3 - 1048

Hooker and Baleen on PoeTV slanderous crackheads/lost causes

Crime - Crime
Message to two crack heads slandering and manipulating me

#4 - 994

A Bunch of Delicate Flowers Share Their Emotions

Educational - Humor
Rodents of Unusual Size
You guys. Don't judge them. That's not okay.

#5 - 871

Alex Jones cries and turns magenta over an impending Hillary presidency

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions

#6 - 844

All Scenes of Jared Leto in Suicide Squad

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
Sexy Duck Cop
Sorry for the quality, but this needs to be here and you know it.

#7 - 797

Mr. Plinkett’s The Star Wars Awakens Review

Humor - Arts
He's back!

#8 - 785

Trump Has A Total Meltdown At The First Presidential Debate

News & Politics
Vic Berger edit.

#9 - 771

Man decides to wear Trump Hat at Police Protest Rally

Educational - News & Politics
Mistakes were made.

#10 - 749

PoeTV Political Purity Pledge

News & Politics
I've already not spent like 50 bucks and I'm not even 1/4 through today's comments. Sorry, charity.

#11 - 742

Science Must Fall?

Educational - Horror
'Decolonize' is the word of the day. It's a stupid word, but it is entertaining.

#12 - 726

Half in the Bag Episode 117: Box Office Number Crunching

Classic Movies - Humor
William Burns
Mike and Jay perform triage on dead and dying Hollywood summer movies.

#13 - 720

Fallout 3 Is Garbage, And Here's Why

Video Games - Educational
William Burns
H. Bomberguy's feature-length review of Fallout 3

#14 - 697

Donald Trump's candid advice on obtaining pussy and women

Nature & Places - Business
Jack Dalton
Set it to your favorite patriotic song and pretend it's a campaign ad

#15 - 688

Hillary Clinton's Leaked Audio Tape

News & Politics - Arts
Hillary Clinton's leaked audio tape.

#16 - 680

Trump Supporter Logic Causes CNN's Brooke Baldwin to Lose Her Use of Language.

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
Brooke Baldwin just can't take this election cycle any more. Also: this is 28% of the voting public!

#17 - 663

Zapp Brannigan IS Donald Trump!

News & Politics - Stunts
Rodents of Unusual Size
Oh my god, Zapp Brannigan might be president.

#18 - 642

Trump makes questionable comments about young girls in 1992 video

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
Dirty Donnie Diamonds puttin' the E in POE

#19 - 621

Breaking: Video of Donald Trump sexually assaulting campaign surrogate

Classic TV Clips - Accidents & Explosions
Jack Dalton
PoeTV Pulitzer

#20 - 613

Rush Limbaugh on The Left and their weird sexual hangup about consent.

Crime - Horror
'But if the left ever senses ... that there's no consent in [sex] then here come the rape police.'

#21 - 612

Boy meets automatic trash can and disappears

General Station
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
He was a bad egg.

#22 - 604

Elon Musk Answers Some Audience Questions

Science & Technology - Horror
Rodents of Unusual Size
I cringed all the way through.

#23 - 599

CNN Panel Implodes Discussing Trump Tape

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
Can I OD on schadenfreude?

#24 - 596

Michelle Obama speaks about Donald Trump in New Hampshire

News & Politics
John Holmes Motherfucker
She gets it. If you don't like Hillary, disregard the Hillary parts

#25 - 592

Here Comes Jon Arbuckle - Full and Extended

Cartoons & Animation - Arts
Absolutely worth the re-submit.

#26 - 585

Alt-Right Dogs Trailer

Trailers - News & Politics
Filmed in Cincinnati outside the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

#27 - 582

Man Demands a Refund at Golden Corral

Crime - Business
Big fuss over the soup

#28 - 580

Fox News (10/3/16) Watters' World Chinatown Edition In New York - O'Reilly

News & Politics - Classic TV Clips

#29 - 578

Least normal moments at Minecon 2016

Pets & Animals - Arts
Hugo Gorilla
Another CrowbCat compilation of the latest Minecraft convention.

#30 - 578

Cockroach Giving Birth While Being Devoured By Fire Ants

Nature & Places - Horror
The Ants Canada guy is starting to worry me.

#31 - 564

'There was no racism before Obama...'

News & Politics - Horror
Staggering state of delusion leads to Republican resignation

#32 - 563

Don't Shitpost, I'm Scared: PC - /v/ The Musical IV

Video Games
Albuquerque Halsey

#33 - 563

Hidden Message in Pokemon

Advertisements - Cartoons & Animation
Hugo Gorilla
When 4Kids decided to stop paying actors for recording commercials, they slipped this into a episode

#34 - 562

Trump's Apology

News & Politics - Horror
I apologize. And Bill Clinton rapes women.

#35 - 561


General Station - Humor
Hugo Gorilla
This is currently a viral sensation in Japan.

#36 - 550

Hey guys- ya'll ready for some football?

Sports - Classic TV Clips
Jack Dalton
football is back whip it out fellas!

#37 - 550

Shy Boys for Trump

News & Politics - Humor
emerging influential american voter demographic

#38 - 545

We Are Your Friends (2015 trailer)

Trailers - Accidents & Explosions
Alleged record holder for worst opening weekend of all time for a wide release hollywood film.

#39 - 538

My Elf Ear Modification

Fashion - Educational
The long awaited video about my journey to get my elf ears!

#40 - 530

NYCC ’16 Racism: Peter David Anti-Rromani Statements at X-Men LGBTQ Panel

Accidents & Explosions - Arts
Albuquerque Halsey
Peter David has nary a care to give about Romani representation

#41 - 527

Here comes Jon Arbuckle

Cartoons & Animation - Arts

#42 - 525

Samantha Bee on second 2016 presidential debate

Horror - Accidents & Explosions
John Holmes Motherfucker
Sam's was my favorite take on this weekends pussygate shitshow

#43 - 525

Don't Let Hillary Clinton Leave You Defenseless

News & Politics
Hugo Gorilla
Sensational anti-Clinton ad from the NRA.

#44 - 516

Harambe vs. Capcom

Video Games - Crime
Joysticks out for Harambe

#45 - 514

Guy uses too much gasoline on his fire

Accidents & Explosions - Horror
Crab Mentality

#46 - 513

Trump Supporters Kicked out of Zeitgeist in San Francisco

Nature & Places
'When the police arrived and viewed the video, they too asked the Trump supporters to leave.'

#47 - 507

Chris Chan drops in to tell us how many genders there are

Fashion - News & Politics
Sexy Duck Cop
'Oh look everyone, it's Chris-Chan! How many genders are there?' '58.' 'Cool! Thanks!'

#48 - 507

The Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment

Science & Technology - Educational
We have nothing to lose.

#49 - 504

King Arthur Cancer Update: Paying for Health Care (Man robs bank to pay for chemo...not me)

News & Politics - Crime
The cost of health care is outrageous in this country, I'm about to lose my insurance, and Canada.

#50 - 502

Pool on a cruise ship during rough seas

Nature & Places - General Station
Crab Mentality
Bug or feature?

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