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Most Views in the Last 30 Days
These are the most watched videos from the last 30 days.

#1 - 1239

Dropbox employees argue with neighborhood kids about who gets to play soccer

Sports - Horror

#2 - 1205

Adventure Time Sums Up The Law

Educational - Crime
In response to Dropbox employees argue with neighborhood kids

#3 - 1137

Ben Affleck on ISIS and Islamophobia on Real Time with Bill Maher

News & Politics
Albuquerque Halsey

#4 - 1082

Family Guy and Simpsons Crossover

Cartoons & Animation - Horror
Hello, Portal of Evil. I present to you nothing less than the Heart of Darkness.

#5 - 1010

In response to #StopGamerGate2014

Video Games
John Holmes Motherfucker
Possibly the most Sarkeesian-obsessed YouTuber loses his mind over opposing hashtag

#6 - 985

'Viral' video of hot girl on tindr pretending to be morbidly obese in person to prove men are jerks

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
Jack Dalton
Inexplicably popular and ill-conceived...

#7 - 945

Funny liverpool accent of this amazing girl

Fashion - Pets & Animals
It's an interesting accent to an ignoranus like myself.

#8 - 905

Bob's Burgers Porn Parody (Bob's Boners) trailer

Trailers - Cartoons & Animation
Inevitable porn parody with surprisingly accurate set & Tina's erotic friend fiction with a zombie.

#9 - 885

The Big Bang Theory made with MORE LAUGHTER to placate you cynical sitcom hating assholes.

Classic TV Clips - Educational
Jack Dalton
Courtesy of Clickhole.

#10 - 850

Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) Admits To Child Molestation

General Station - Crime
during a secretly taped therapy(?) session

#11 - 839

Family Matters

Classic TV Clips
infinite zest
Key & Peele's best sketch yet.

#12 - 825

Chris-Chan's Kickstarter for a Lego Model

Business - Horror
Yes, it's real, he posted about it on Facebook.

#13 - 791

Shia LaBeouf on His Arrest

Classic TV Clips - Accidents & Explosions
a bearded labeouf recounts his arrest on broadway

#14 - 790

Spike Lee's gentrification rant

Audience member asks about 'other side' of gentrification, reaps the whirlwind.

#15 - 789

Republicans Are People Too

News & Politics - Advertisements

#16 - 772

Cop calls dog over to him then shoots it

News & Politics - Pets & Animals
police report: 'The dog was shot when it charged the officer.

#17 - 770

He's trying to tell us something

Short Films - Nature & Places
Jack Jammer
Blabity blab bulla blah

#18 - 765

Man struggles with face hugger on his face. Woman has interesting solution to treat the pain.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Should've had a pulse rifle with them.

#19 - 763

7th Heaven Dildo Scene

Educational - Religious
More 11 year olds should be into video editing

#20 - 760

Man hatefucks a geoduck out of the ground

Pets & Animals - Educational
Uncomfortable couples series.

#21 - 756

Alien: Isolation Scary door bug

Video Games - Science & Technology
in space no on... oh god is this locked. NOOOO!

#22 - 750

Hatred game trailer

Video Games
Looks like someone thought Postal was too bright and cheery.

#23 - 747

Angry Roid Gamer Has A Tantrum

Video Games - Sports
Spit Spingola
Loses at Megaman Speedrun and isn't happy.

#24 - 738

7th Heaven - Ruthie Dancing

Classic TV Clips

#25 - 710

Even now...the evil seed of what you've done germinates within you

Educational - Horror

#26 - 709

Republicans Are People Too: Ready to Think Differently?

News & Politics - Cartoons & Animation

#27 - 708

ChrisChan's latest sweetheart drama 'I love you Catherine'

Accidents & Explosions
Details as to what he is actually talking about are limited

#28 - 707

Japanese Cream Prank

Classic TV Clips - Humor
Caminante Nocturno
Swift and brutal.

#29 - 701

Lights Out - a short, short horror film

Horror - Short Films
A woman getting ready for bed starts seeing something in the shadows in this creepy little number.

#30 - 700

The Guy who Survived on Pizza for 25 Years

Prickly Pete
Why are these people always engaged? Who are these fiances? What are their stories??

#31 - 690

ISIS plants a flag on a hill

Watch what happens next!

#32 - 686

Wisconsin SWF's Entitled Rant About Bath & Body Works Candles

Business - Accidents & Explosions
Are you a bad enough dude POETV? How long can you last?

#33 - 686

Hannibal Buress to Bill Cosby: 'You Raped Women.'

Humor - Horror
Bill Cosby as a rapist is conceptually hilarious. In real life, not so much.

#34 - 678

VICE speaks to some stupid young Canadian who joined ISIS

News & Politics - Religious
Spit Spingola
Join the Islamic State kids club.

#35 - 674

calebhart42 Gets Lectured By His Mom on Stream

Video Games
Yellow Lantern
She seems pretty reasonable.

#36 - 671

Michael Dunn describes himself as victim after killing Florida teenager over loud music

Crime - News & Politics
He has just been found guilty of 1st degree murder and 3 attempted murders, mandatory life sentance.

#37 - 667

Crazy PETA Lady Walks Into A Restaurant And Cries About Her Chicken Baby

Stunts - Accidents & Explosions
What it says on the tin.

#38 - 659

South Carolina Trooper Sean Groubert shoots unarmed man during traffic stop

The victim was hit once in the hip. The trooper was fired and faces up to 20 years if convicted.

#39 - 659

Contra Hard Corps final boss

Video Games
Poochie the dog with gatling gun arm fights acrobats, bionic commando, and a worm infested missile.

#40 - 657

Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun

Classic Movies - Arts
now in glorious HD

#41 - 656

The Best of Burning Man festival

Nature & Places
infinite zest
There. I just saved you $700. Take some drugs, but not at work. There's tits and dick here.

#42 - 656

Two Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbots talk and argue with each other

Science & Technology
infinite zest
Oh. My. God. Someone used GoAnimate in a useful way (also we're doomed)

#43 - 641

not to be racist or anything

Short Films

#44 - 640

Last Week Tonight: How is Ayn Rand still a thing?

Classic TV Clips - News & Politics
Binro the Heretic
No, seriously. How?

#45 - 639

Hammond Police Dept Break Through Vehicle Window and Taze Passenger

News & Politics - Horror
For not having ID. With kids in the back seat. The video is evidence in an Excessive Force lawsuit.

#46 - 639

John Grisham on adults who look at child pornography

il fiore bel
a time to shut up

#47 - 638

Kid goes full diva on live tv

News & Politics
This kid is better than all of us.

#48 - 637

Hatsune Miku's North American debut on Letterman

Classic TV Clips - Religious
Spaceman Africa
So this was a thing that happened

#49 - 627

What is the Evidence for Evolution?

Educational - Science & Technology
I see good things for Stated Clearly's future.

#50 - 627

MORTAL KOMBAT 9: All Fatalities on KITANA (MK2 Costume)

Video Games - Accidents & Explosions
Unmerciful Crushing Force
The sad part is that it isn't very surprising that this even exists.

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