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Today In History 2013
Is Anime Art?

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Crystal TOPAS Professional (1994 demo/tutorial tape)

Science & Technology
If you're serious about graphics on the PC & you want the best value then step up...

Legion of Doom vs the Social Justice Warriors

News & Politics - Classic TV Clips

I don't give a shit.

Video Games - Pets & Animals

Tea Party America

News & Politics - Horror
(BBC Documentary)

Black & white, silent, Super-8, ten-minute home version of Star Wars

Classic Movies
This came out around 1978

Lava lamp MIDI retrofit.

Science & Technology - Arts

Red Letter Media: A Conversation with Matt Hannon (Part 1)

Classic Movies - Educational
The star of Samurai Cop gives us a look into the complex inner workings of this legendary work.

New Music On 73Q
Give Us Your Money
Tired and Bored
The Spits
Tropics of Love

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A Two Thrones Rant: Cristaldarkrose101 And The Trend Of Slutty Sonic Fan Characters

Arts - Video Games
Forty minutes of MRA Sonic fans slut-shaming a poor fanartist.

Nerds need Jesus

Religious - Stunts
Street preachers go to Comic Con

Norm Macdonald Live - Jokes

Humor - Religious
blue vein steel
2 and a quarter hours of them. 1:20

Snoop Dogg AKA Todd Presents White Guys Connect 'Coming Soon, Yeah Baby' Compilation

Humor - News & Politics
Snoop Dogg's new alter ego/trolling debacle.

Man tries to hit 300kph (186mph) fastball

Sports - Stunts
blue vein steel

Guilford Freight in Peabody Square, Peabody, MA

Science & Technology - Nature & Places
Railway crossing on a busy street in Massachusetts with no gates, just a flagman?

100 Fruits & Vegetables on Dog's Head in 100 Seconds: Cute Dog Maymo

Pets & Animals
A small intermission before WWIII starts. Nice knowing you and everything.

Artist Shows Vagina (Uncenzored)

Arts - Educational


Nature & Places - Arts
Jet Bin Fever
Brand new Leoncie song!

Obama invites Poroshenko to White House

News & Politics - Military
Ukrainian President to visit Washington 18 September

A New Arrowhead that Shreds Flesh is Reviewed by an Archery Enthusiast named TWANGnBANG

Pets & Animals - Horror
The Mothership
Creates 'meatworms' within a body for a faster kill. You can't make this up.

Rosewater - Trailer

infinite zest
Jon Stewart's movie about Maziar Bahari's imprisonment looks really good.

Boots Riley Interviewed on Fox News

News & Politics - Arts
Rodents of Unusual Size
Taste the awkwardness!

Speedflying in Wengen Switzerland

Stunts - Nature & Places
Skiing. With parachutes, and barrel rolls.

Sci Fi Buzz Covers a Furry Convention

Pets & Animals - Classic TV Clips
Hugo Gorilla
20 years ago, furry conventions were still a new thing.

All The Single Furries

Fashion - Horror
A music parody that'll sear itself in your brain and across your retinas.

'Christians: Your Kids are on a Bus to HELL!'

Religious - Educational
mostly I liked how she sometimes sounds like Roseanne Roseannadanna

Minor drama at a Starcraft convention thing or whatever

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Nerd does not take kindly to being called an idiot for walking in front of a camera

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