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Today In History 2012
Arm exploded because of using Synthol
Not sure if this is a dupe.

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a man punches a kangaroo in the face

Pets & Animals - Educational
to protect a dog

Hayao Miyazaki's Opinion of a A.I. Generated Animation Model

Arts - Science & Technology
Hugo Gorilla
He doesn't like it and the guys giving the demo are devastated.

Valentine's Day vs. Dragobete - Batalia in Rime

Educational - Horror
Romania is a strange place, and Romanians are strange people

Smash Mouth Playing in Cave

Humor - General Station
DRIP...DRIP...DRIP some-body once told me (rodent noises) DRIP...DRIP...DRIP


Classic TV Clips
Maggot Brain
The First Ladies of the Yamaha Synth.

Can you spot the poetv user on the first play through?

General Station
Scrotum H. Vainglorious

Mike Mareen - Agent Of Liberty

Arts - Fashion

New Music On 73Q
Go Away
Danger Global Warming
I Hate You All
Atsushi Sakurai

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OFF - Electric Salsa (1986)

Arts - Fashion
The most Germanest thing ever

10 more reasons why women should have sex with dogs

Crime - Horror
The content! The comments! The word 'more' in the title! EVERYTHING!!!

Vengeance Meow

Pets & Animals - Horror
Italics gets paid back for a week's worth of early morning wake ups.

Adjusting Your Self-O-Stat

Horror - Pets & Animals
Sweet liquor eases the pain.

Racist White Cop - Deadly Hero (1975)

Accidents & Explosions - Classic Movies
Coke infused shitpiece directed by convicted bookmaker Ivan Nagy of Heidi Fleiss infamy.

Svengoolie - Boa Brace

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements
Grandma! Can you come out and play?

Kingarthur Cancer Update: chemo rashes / egfr rashes

Short Films - Educational
Pretty sure this kid isn't going through chemo, but this is what it looks and feels like.

Doodle with Cheese Sticks

Science & Technology - Advertisements
Albuquerque Halsey

KORG Pa3x - Party 2011 & AD

Science & Technology
Romania looks like my kind of place

The Return of the Living Dead (1985) clip - Rabid Weasels

Classic Movies - Horror
RIP Don Calfa (1939-2016). 2016 has killed yet another character actor.

Dumb and Dumber - Phone Booth Scene

Classic Movies - Stunts
I enjoy this film.

Meanwhile in Paris

Arts - Stunts
I haven't been to Paris in over 20 years. Looks like it hasn't changed much.

Romanian National Anthem + english translation

General Station - Nature & Places
Born in the RSR
It's about time I get my own week

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - New Trailer

Classic Movies
il fiore bel


lieutenant halfabeef
Justice helpfully fixes a car for a kindly old lady.

When the interviewer asks if I have any special skills

Stunts - Arts

The Care Bears: The Sleeping Giant

Cartoons & Animation
Kid Fenris
Hey, kids! It's time to learn about death! And merchandising.

What Do Cynical People Really Want?

Rodents of Unusual Size
An examination

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