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Today In History 2014
Anita Sarkeesian on the Oscars and the Bechdel Test
Wherein Silent Film The Artist fails The Bechdel T...

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Iasos playing 'Splash Happy' on 2 keyboards


Mortal Kombat Theme Acapella

Arts - Stunts
Stirring rendition by a stout hero

Jeff Dunham Interviewed by Bill O'Reilly in 1974

Classic TV Clips - News & Politics
I wonder what happened to him?

IU scientists watch bacteria 'harpoon' DNA to speed their evolution

Science & Technology - Educational
'Towards thee I roll, thou all-destroying but unconquering strand'

Thai Commercial: Angry Dinner

Marlon Brawndo
I won't spoil what they are selling.

Elton Motello - Jet Boy Jet Girl

Classic TV Clips
Original and best version

Huile Toys 828 Swing Goose

Business - Advertisements
Intelligent emotional experience for baby. Hold goose neck to listen for smart humorous dialogue

New Music On 73Q
おとぼけビ~バ~ - S'il Vous Plait シルブプレ
Penny Reel
Lord Power & Calypso Quintet
Water the Garden
Count Lasher's Calypso Quintet

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Expanding Visions (full documentary, 1990)

Short Films - Advertisements
Every kind of new age horseshit you can think of, plus Tim Leary.

Interdimensional Music Thru Iasos (full 1979 new age synthesizer documentary)

A higher-dimensional being named Vista has been transmitting music into Iasos' brain since 1967.

My Own Claw Machine!

Science & Technology
Real-life Michael Cera character living the dream

Starbuck's Don't Panic When You See Black People Video

Marlon Brawndo
This is the video they showed their employees on Don't Panic Over Blacks Day.

Claw Science: Drill-O-Matic & How To Beat It!

Educational - Science & Technology
The least efficient way to get some dollar store Minecraft blind bags.

The tragedy of Balloonfest ྒ

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
The mistake on the lake

Charles Krauthammer: Climate Change A 'Superstition‘

News & Politics - Humor
You’ll have to wait a couple more weeks before you can dance on his grave

Japanese Horror movie with Subtitles by John Holmes Motherfucker

Classic Movies - Horror
John Holmes Motherfucker
Seven minutes of RAPE ZOMBIE...Not safe for work or anywhere else.

Don't touch my snoot

Horror - Humor
I swear he's going to lose a finger one day

Seattle Anarchist Dad addresses the City Council

News & Politics
S'up Bootlickers

Depression, Alcohol and ... Penguins? |Penguin Memories| Crimson Dreams

Classic Movies - Cartoons & Animation
What 'Club Penguin in Vietnam' is.

Claw Science: How Claw Machine Claws Work

Science & Technology - Educational
Part one of an in-depth series

The most honest thing ever said on Fox and Friends

News & Politics
It was a mistake of course.

Ninjas: A Glimpse into Tragedy

Hugo Gorilla
Sundry clips of the not so honorable way of the ninja.

Let's upgrade to Windows 98 with 39 floppy disks

Science & Technology
Two-hour extravaganza

Skyscraper Climbing Raccoon Steals Americas Heart

Nature & Places - Humor
raccoon man, raccoon man, does whatever a raccoon can

Why trucks have recomended payload capacities

Accidents & Explosions - Educational
blue vein steel
or, your small truck can't carry a boulder that weighs more than it does.

Club Penguin in Vietnam

Cartoons & Animation - Horror
Crab Mentality
I have no idea what this is.

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