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Highest rated in the Last Month
These are the highest rated videos from the last month.

#1 - 5.00

Paul McCartney does a Destiny™ Music Video

Video Games - Arts
It is god awful.

#2 - 5.00

Oh My God

Pets & Animals - Humor

#3 - 5.00

Victoria Jackson: Obama Is a Muslim

Classic TV Clips
*cuckoo clock noise*

#4 - 5.00

Cockatoo running on the floor yelling nonsense at everything

Pets & Animals - Stunts
let's see if you hear what I hear

#5 - 5.00

The Case Against Nick Spike Corky Bravo

Humor - Crime
A detailed account of what Corky did.

#6 - 5.00

'Stop a douchebag' youth movement in Russia

Stunts - Accidents & Explosions
A lot of people drive on various parks and sidewalks to save time in Russia.

#7 - 5.00

Ending of Catman In Boxer's Blow

Classic Movies - Accidents & Explosions
Spit Spingola
There are explosions.

#8 - 5.00

Law & Order SVU Takes On Gamers and Harassment: The Supercut

Video Games - Classic TV Clips
Albuquerque Halsey
Ice-T Explains it All.

#9 - 5.00

Living with Borderline Asperger's

Fashion - Fashion
That guy
This raises a few questions about what Asperger's can be used as an excuse for.

#10 - 5.00

Bed and panties come down

Advertisements - Science & Technology
Pleasure palace

#11 - 5.00

Being Gay is Not Cool

News & Politics
a Republican with Autism who sounds like Joe Pesci on helium tells why.

#12 - 5.00

Sunless Sea Trailer

Video Games
Pretty much just submitting this so I can talk about how awesome this game is with you guys.

#13 - 5.00

Vanilla Ice !!! Rapper Arrested For Stealing and Robbery The Ice Project

infinite zest
Ice might be in the Cube for a while

#14 - 5.00

Nick 'Corky' Bravo arrested

12 felony real estate fraud charges

#15 - 5.00

R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy

Science & Technology - Classic TV Clips

#16 - 5.00

Joe Biden Gives A Shout Out

General Station

#17 - 5.00

Cockatoo finding out he is going to the vet

Pets & Animals
Or summoning demons.

#18 - 5.00

Honking Kitty

Pets & Animals
clap clap clapclapclap

#19 - 5.00

Meet Spot - latest Boston Dynamics robot

Science & Technology - Educational
goddamn if :30 doesn't seem unnervingly aware...that spinning camera eye looks familiar too

#20 - 5.00

Man Without Bones

Arts - Horror
How the fuck was this related to the music videos I was watching, YouTube?!

#21 - 5.00

A bullet attachment that could save lives?

infinite zest
You'll never guess which city will be the first to test it.

#22 - 5.00

Kangas Sound Editor demo

Science & Technology
Completely mental developer demos his completely mental software.

#23 - 5.00

Horses, Peacefully Farting and Snoring

Business - Accidents & Explosions
looks like a molly party to me. Submission and comments full of unsettling horse obsession.

#24 - 5.00

Star Trek Continues: The Fairest of Them All

Classic TV Clips
John Holmes Motherfucker
I'm a fan of this fan-produced sequel to 'Mirror, Mirror'! Check out the opening credits!

#25 - 5.00

Victoria Jackson - There's a Muslim Living in the White House

Humor - News & Politics
A follow up to the smash hit, There's a Communist Living in the White House

#26 - 5.00

Batman Cereal commercial

Advertisements - Business
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Nothing can slow him down. Nothing can stop him from bringing it to YOU.

#27 - 5.00


Fashion - Classic TV Clips
Rodents of Unusual Size
Possibly the best 'short and sweet' clip I've ever found.

#28 - 5.00

New Jeep - Old Snow - Pissed Off Driver

Educational - Humor
Guys new dick extension has trouble with 8 inches of snow, rational thought is quickly abandoned.

#29 - 5.00

Rolling Raccoon

Pets & Animals - Stunts
Albuquerque Halsey

#30 - 5.00

Japans Cat Island.. Check 'Tashirojima' entry in wikipedia for details.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
also known as Manga Island, as Shotaro Ishinomori built manga-related buildings resembling a cat.

#31 - 5.00

'Big Birdman' starring Caroll Spinney and Big Bird [Birdman Spoof]

Humor - Short Films
If Caroll Spinney retires soon, this BIRDMAN parody is also a fitting tribute to his career.

#32 - 5.00

The final scene of the Two And A Half Men finale

Classic TV Clips - Accidents & Explosions
Prickly Pete
Wait for it. This is no bs, this is really how it ended.

#33 - 5.00

Is Wool Vegan? Humane?

Pets & Animals

#34 - 5.00

Two shots of Vodka

Classic TV Clips - Arts
Crab Mentality
Something tells me this lady and I can hang out.

#35 - 5.00

Red Power Ranger murder: actor Ricardo Medina Jr. arrested for killing roommate with a sword

infinite zest
Sorry for the TOMO news guy, but yeah, this happened.

#36 - 5.00

Schlitz Malt Liquor Rufus Thomas 1974

Classic TV Clips - Arts
Do what comes natural when the bull's after you

#37 - 5.00

Flaming Guitar Karate

Exactly what it says.

#38 - 5.00

Canadian parliament recognizes Frankie MacDonald

News & Politics

#39 - 5.00

Jones Big Ass truck rentals & storage - Harmonizator

Humor - Advertisements
Crunchy Frog
Weird ass comedy act set to music

#40 - 5.00

No Man's Sky Walkthrough of Gameplay Features

Video Games - Advertisements
Annoying reviewers but lots of content about one of the newest 'too good to be true' games.

#41 - 5.00

Second Life - Family Man

Video Games
a masterwork of trolling

#42 - 5.00

City without Government ( Max, Nebraska )

News & Politics - Educational
Blathering Limbaughite solves all your problems.

#43 - 5.00

Why Jodi Miller does Newsbusted

It all makes sense now.

#44 - 5.00

Fat Cat Needs Excercise

Pets & Animals
Has a new trainer.

#45 - 5.00

Meet Tomatan

Science & Technology
Lady Frenzy
Japanese robot that feeds you tomatoes as you run

#46 - 5.00

Jerk Headcrab

Video Games - Short Films
Crab Mentality
Classic cutscene from Half Life 2.

#47 - 5.00

Phil Collins looks like a potato

Arts - Short Films
You decide.

#48 - 5.00

Southwest Pilot Rants About 'Grannies' and 'Fags' on Air Traffic Channel

General Station - Stunts
Accidentally keyed microphone broadcasting to hundreds of other pilots and air traffic controllers

#49 - 5.00

Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe - Season 3 Episode 1

News & Politics - Humor

#50 - 5.00

PETA Trades Fruit Basket for Chihuahua

Owner not happy with the exchange

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