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Highest rated in the Last Month
These are the highest rated videos from the last month.

#1 - 5.00

Highlight from Sarah Palin's Iowa speech

News & Politics
I'm sorry. Could you go over that one more time?

#2 - 5.00

Obama throws in a zinger for Republicans during the speech

News & Politics - Educational
Boners', that guy is just such a loathesome creep

#3 - 5.00

The Moral Argument

Religious - Educational
Comments are disabled for this video.

#4 - 5.00

Seattle Piglet gives clearskinned MLK assemblers a pepper bath

Her colleagues look away in shame

#5 - 5.00

The Crafty Coconut Octopus

Nature & Places - Pets & Animals

#6 - 5.00

Cow mascot dances at Mexican supermarket

Fashion - Advertisements
Crab Mentality
I just remembered to buy milk and steak.

#7 - 5.00

Ode To The Picard Maneuver

Educational - Classic TV Clips
Another spiritual successor to the Riker Sits Down Montage

#8 - 5.00

Adult Film Star Mia Khalifa Has Been Receiving Death Threats From Her Home Country

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
This'll end well

#9 - 5.00

Steve Harvey is a bigot - Extended edition

Religious - Classic TV Clips
Plus a few other things.

#10 - 5.00

Kristen Schaal Scenes from Flight of the Conchords S 2

Classic TV Clips - Humor
Rodents of Unusual Size
Kristen Schaal is a genius.

#11 - 5.00

Black Man Lawfully Carrying Gun Gets Pummeled by White Vigilante at Walmart

Crime - Stunts
John Holmes Motherfucker
'He's got a gun!' Of course he does; it's Florida! Wait for the good angle.

#12 - 5.00

Trailer: The Embryo Who Came In From The Cold

Cartoons & Animation - Horror
5 IVF embryos embark on a journey to find their mother. Animated feature film.

#13 - 5.00

Weatherman calmly announces the apocalypse

Classic TV Clips - Humor
Crab Mentality

#14 - 5.00

Floppy Music | Soft Cell - tainted love (13 fdd + 1 hdd)

Science & Technology - General Station
Tainted Love played on 13 floppy drives and a hard drive.

#15 - 5.00

Patrick Stewart Gives Passionate Response to Question At Comicpalooza 2013

Patrick Stewart just being awesome

#16 - 5.00

Kentucky Officer Darrell Smith demonstrates his extensive training in responsible firearm use.

Accidents & Explosions - Educational
This little piggy went to heaven.

#17 - 5.00

Dead hippo bursts like a giant cyst in lioness' face

Pets & Animals - Horror
Lioness loses appetite. (Not safe for mealtime).

#18 - 5.00

Most Popular Omitted Scene from Fifty Shades of Grey

Horror - Trailers
They decided not to keep this scene in the upcoming film for some reason.

#19 - 5.00

Early AOL Commercial (1995)

Science & Technology - Advertisements
That guy
Not interested in voting this up? Fine, I'll ask my kayaking buddies.

#20 - 5.00

Judge Jeanine Pirro gives her opinions on Muslim terrorists

Classic TV Clips - Horror
stay classy, Fox

#21 - 5.00

Public Defender Arrested by Police for Defending Her Client's Rights

Crime - Horror
asian hick
Anyone want to deny we live in a police state?

#22 - 5.00

Statism: the most dangerous religion

News & Politics - Religious
I see no baby, just an empty bathtub

#23 - 5.00

Going Bananas - Goodbye Bonzo

Classic Movies - Horror
The full movie is available on YouTube as VHS rip.

#24 - 5.00

Law and Order: SVU's sensitive depiction of gamers

Classic TV Clips
pretty accurate

#25 - 5.00

Sonic on Saxophone

Arts - Accidents & Explosions
why not

#26 - 5.00

Police Officer Shoots Himself In Elevator

infinite zest
25-year veteran of Erlanger, OH Police Dept non-lethally shoots self in gut. Stay for the end

#27 - 5.00

Compilation of livestreaming gamers getting swatted

Video Games - Crime
Spit Spingola
Basically people are awful.

#28 - 5.00

Bill Cosby For New Coke

John Holmes Motherfucker
This stuff is great!

#29 - 5.00

Getting Around Sex Ed Rules In Mississippi

Educational - News & Politics
In MS, you can't teach how to use a condom in school. This is one teacher's workaround.

#30 - 5.00

Australian comic Jim Jefferies on gun control

Humor - News & Politics
An Aussie funnyman ponders the ways his country & the US handle gun regulation.

#31 - 5.00

Inexplicable Trailer For 'Family Of Cops' Starring Charles Bronson

Crime - Educational
When I got my DVD copy of Death Machine recently, this trailer was the only 'extra' included...

#32 - 5.00

you need to get off facebook

General Station
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
This behavior is turning you into a dribbling turbospaz. Edgy.

#33 - 5.00

Michigan I-94 Pileup: it begins

Accidents & Explosions - Accidents & Explosions
What happened before the fireworks part.

#34 - 5.00

Hippo hates boats and people

Educational - Nature & Places
Jimmy Labatt
Oh look! Here comes our death!

#35 - 5.00

Predator (1987, full movie)

Classic Movies

#36 - 5.00

Comic Con Speed Dating

My favorite is the girl who'se mom hovers about her the entire process.

#37 - 5.00

Love Letters to Richard Dawkins

Religious - Humor
Dawkins reads some lovely fan mail

#38 - 5.00

MRA meeting is brought to order.

Classic TV Clips - Humor
Serious issues are discussed.

#39 - 5.00

Drift a Semi Truck

Stunts - Arts
Crab Mentality

#40 - 5.00

Elderly woman abducts pets for fur coat.

Horror - News & Politics
If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will...

#41 - 5.00

Phylicia Rashad on the Bill Cosby Firestorm

Crime - Horror
He's the victim of a conspiracy. By...someone.

#42 - 5.00

Fox News Spots a Problem With Identifying Bad Guys

News & Politics - Crime
Terrorists can use innocent-looking ski-masks to hide their guilty-looking skin tone

#43 - 5.00

Spotted Pig Slides on Frozen Sidewalk

Pets & Animals

#44 - 5.00

Musicless Intro / MACGYVER

Classic TV Clips
Crunchy Frog
From the maker of Musicless Music Videos

#45 - 5.00

Self aware Mario

Science & Technology
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
'If I jump on Goomba then it certainly dies'

#46 - 5.00

Commando full movie

Classic Movies
Arnold kills everybody.

#47 - 5.00

Mother and Baby Sing Happy Birthday to a Grandmother in French

Hugo Gorilla
Dad's outbursts ruin it.

#48 - 5.00

Will it Blend? - Neodymium Magnets

Advertisements - Science & Technology
I know, I submit all of these, but this one is really cool

#49 - 5.00


Science & Technology - Accidents & Explosions
Nicholas Bravo discusses the human energy body.

#50 - 5.00

Firecracker versus toilet

Humor - Accidents & Explosions
Crab Mentality
The brand used to be called water dynamite, but they changed it to little dynamite.

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