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These videos are the most watched from the last week but not submitted in the last week.

So they are videos over a week old, which are getting traffic, ranked in the order of the most traffic in the last week.

How to make a simple fake vagina. The poorman's fleshlight.

General Station
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Similar to a prison Fifi except you don't have to be in prison!

Проклятие серог&

Video Games - Accidents & Explosions
Sanest Man Alive
Part Russian AVGN, but mostly a fascinating look at the insanity of Soviet gaming.

Interview with Veronica Moser

Horror - Arts
The infamous German scat porn queen gives an interview

Rapelay gameplay footage

Video Games - Crime
Old news, but belongs here. Probably NSFW.

Real Sex - Lady has real orgasm caught on video

General Station - Religious

Pretty sexy stuff.

Married with Children Porn Parody

Trailers - Humor
following in a line of cosby, 30 rock and scrubs parodies

Still Photographs of Chernobyl's Deformed

Accidents & Explosions - Horror
Radiation's aftermath: Still photographs of Chernobyl's mutations, in particular deformed children.

Titicut Follies (Complete Film)

Classic Movies - Horror
1967 documentary masterpiece about the gruesome conditions in a Massachusetts mental hospital.

John Stewart Thrashes Nancy Grace

Classic TV Clips - Crime
In the wake of charges being dropped in the Duke Lacrosse case, Jon Stewart does what he does best.

Can't be ROOTS - XXX Porn Parody

Classic Movies - Horror
holeeeee shit

Possession(1981) sex scene

Classic Movies - Religious
NSFW, Rosemary's Baby kind of thing happening here.

BME Pain Olympics 2009

I challenge you to watch it all the way through.

8 Whole Minutes of Zit Popping and Pus Removal

Educational - Accidents & Explosions
Rodents of Unusual Size
A wonderful compilation.

The best acted scenes in porn. (NSFW)

Arts - Educational
Before she ran for president, she was a Columbian Druglord Prostitute!

More dubbed hentai (NSFW Audio)

Cartoons & Animation - Arts
MacGyver Style Bomb
I think the translators took a few liberties with the script. Oh well.

Operation Desert Stormy - trailer

Classic Movies - News & Politics
Rodents of Unusual Size
A timely, important film about Iraq from the adult film industry. No naughty bits shown.

YOUNG NIGGA - I Just Bought a Bugatti (I'm Happy)

Humor - Arts
tyler the creator blasts swag rappers

Chinese skinning dogs alive

Horror - Pets & Animals
Tuan Jim
Horrible cruelty, soft fur coats

Removal of 20 year old blackheads

so satisfying

Toddler Gets Kicked by Breakdancer

Arts - Humor

Deliverance - 'Squeal Like A Pig!' Scene

Classic Movies - Horror
The film's most infamous scene. No real nudity, per se, but intense and likely NSFW nonetheless.

Four Minutes And Thirty-Eight Seconds Of Animals Fucking. In French.

Pets & Animals - Educational
Does what it says on the tin. Take the obvious precautions, lest your coworkers think you a freak.

Idiot sticks foil-wrapped dong in socket

Accidents & Explosions - Humor
What the name says, some moron wraps his cock in tin foil and sticks it in an electrical outlet.

The First Episode of 'Archer,' with Archer Replaced in Every Scene by a Velociraptor

Cartoons & Animation - Pets & Animals
I shit you not. The episode has the exact same plot as the first episode, but hes a raptor.

Orgasmic Meditation: How to (WARNING: contains illustrated vaginas)

Religious - Educational
Gamara II
Couple describes the process of achieving enlightenment through handjobs

Fat Black Woman VS Skinny Black Man

Fat Black Woman VS Skinny Black Man

Two Turtles Having Violent Sex

Pets & Animals - Humor
Creepily hilarious.

Official Silence of the Lambs Parody (xxx)

Trailers - Arts

Chesty Morgan's deleted scene in Fellini's Casanova

Classic Movies - Horror
Very, very extremely not safe for work.

This Aint Glee XXX - Porn Parody

The acting is slightly better. The singing is slightly worse.

A&E Intervention: Allison The Huffer

Classic TV Clips
Some people get hooked on Meth. Allison's Fix? Computer Dust Remover.

Burt Ward auditioning for the role of Robin.

Classic TV Clips
I have the weirdest boner.

The Reprimand

Classic TV Clips
Prickly Pete
A young girl confronts her Uncle Joe about 2 important matters over ice cream.

Strip-searched (and worse) at McDonald's

Horror - News & Politics
Video surveillance (SFW) and interviews with the victim and The World's Dumbest McDonald's Manager

Huge Boobs: A Documentary

Educational - Pets & Animals
Girls Talking About Their Enormous Boobs

Japanese Girls Huge Farts

Short Films
12 minutes long. Borderline NSFW for lots of panty shots. And farts.

Creepiest Porn Star Interview Possible

Dr Dim
'Summer Verona' and her stepfather discuss how he has groomed her for porn. Deeply horrible.

Lupe Fuentes and THE EX GIRLFRIENDS- Whatchya Lookin At?

Fashion - Humor
Too much comedy for 73Q

Pictures of Girls with their Mouth Open

Humor - Horror
Yeah. That's right.

Lemon Tree Whore

I'll teach you for stealing our lemons

Evolution IS a Blind Watchmaker

Science & Technology - Religious
Computer simulation takes on the old creationist 'Watchmaker Argument.' Guess what happens?

The Worst Kitchen from Kitchen Nightmares

Classic TV Clips - Horror
needless to say this resteraunt closed down

Super Mario XXX - Princess Peach's Pipe

Video Games - Humor
Honestly, I don't know what to say.

Top Gun is a Gay Movie

Classic Movies - Military
Syd Midnight
Quentin Tarentino explains why Top Gun is really a metaphor for homosexuality.

The Brady Bunch - X-Rated Swimming Pool

Humor - Nature & Places
Alice forbids Bobby & Cindy from skinny dipping in a more 'liberal' neighbor's pool

Guy on acid, locked in closet and tape recorded

Frank Rizzo
'I love things with seahorses on them, like blankets and towels and little bags...'

Belgium Teen Sex PSA

It's either hilarious or hilariously bad... you decide.

Frank Zappa Recalls John Lennon Screwing Him Over (Audio Only)

Arts - Crime
Dinkin Flicka
Even love peace and harmony era Lennon screwed his pals over

Secret City - 80's PBS kid's drawing show

Classic TV Clips - Educational
Thanks to Commander Mark, I am who I am today

Skyrim sex toy mods review (technically sfw)

Video Games - Horror
Meet a very lonely man.

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