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These videos are the most watched from the last week but not submitted in the last week.

So they are videos over a week old, which are getting traffic, ranked in the order of the most traffic in the last week.

How to make a simple fake vagina. The poorman's fleshlight.

General Station
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Similar to a prison Fifi except you don't have to be in prison!

Caligula, uncut version. All of it. NSFW.

Classic Movies - Accidents & Explosions
Youtube just doesn't even give a fuck anymore.

David's New Snail

Cartoons & Animation - Pets & Animals
Almost-overwhelmingly cute little animation about a little boy's plans to buy a new snail.

8 Whole Minutes of Zit Popping and Pus Removal

Educational - Accidents & Explosions
Rodents of Unusual Size
A wonderful compilation.

Super Mario XXX - Princess Peach's Pipe

Video Games - Humor
Honestly, I don't know what to say.

Titicut Follies (Complete Film)

Classic Movies - Horror
1967 documentary masterpiece about the gruesome conditions in a Massachusetts mental hospital.

Removal of 20 year old blackheads

so satisfying

Message from a Crackhead

Miss Henson's 6th grade cl
Somewhere between crazy street-person ranting and a poetry slam there's...this.

Whitney Houston Warning to Toni Braxton and Tamar Braxton 'Illuminati Exclusive'

News & Politics - Horror
First they will ruin the artist's career then THEY will kill them... Research people.

Oh Calcutta closing act

Filmed in 1971 on the same set they filmed Sesame Street on

Orgasmic Meditation: How to (WARNING: contains illustrated vaginas)

Religious - Educational
Gamara II
Couple describes the process of achieving enlightenment through handjobs

Interview with Veronica Moser

Horror - Educational
The infamous German scat porn queen gives an interview

Squand. The Sand Toy.

This ain't your square, lame-o grandpa's sand, holmes.

Secret City - 80's PBS kid's drawing show

Classic TV Clips - Educational
Thanks to Commander Mark, I am who I am today

Can't be ROOTS - XXX Porn Parody

Classic Movies - Horror
holeeeee shit

Feast: Most Humiliating Death

Classic Movies - Horror
This movie was vomit-inducing already.

Doing it with Betty: Making an Exit Bag

Simian Pride
Nurse Betty shows you how to making a simple suicide bag with materials you can easily acquire.

Sebaceous Cyst Exploding

Horror - Horror
Grandma helps remove a putrid cyst from some kid's leg. The discharge does not disappoint.

Devil Clown Krystal sinks in quicksand

Horror - Crime
'Anybody who is in the quicksand community knows all about this video!!' Audio may be a bit risque.

Idiot sticks foil-wrapped dong in socket

Accidents & Explosions - Humor
What the name says, some moron wraps his cock in tin foil and sticks it in an electrical outlet.

British comedian Tommy Cooper Dies (On live TV)

Classic TV Clips - Classic TV Clips
sadness tinged with arousal
audience assumes its part of his act.

Possession(1981) sex scene

Classic Movies - Religious
NSFW, Rosemary's Baby kind of thing happening here.

Rapelay gameplay footage

Video Games - Crime
Old news, but belongs here. Probably NSFW.

Fuck That: A Guided Meditation

All that shit is fucking bullshit

Patton Oswalt - Will Smith's Four-Million-Dollar Wild Wild West Music Number

Arts - Advertisements
Not a bit, just Patton reminiscing about the $4,000,000 Wild Wild West MTV Movie Awards he witnessed

Cuddy Striptease

Humor - Classic TV Clips
House MD- Cuddy striptease

Fat Black Woman VS Skinny Black Man

Fat Black Woman VS Skinny Black Man

Top 10 Incest Anime

Cartoons & Animation - Crime
AKA Caminante's Thesis

Esha The Goddess Smacked by Contestant on Dadagiri

Classic TV Clips - Humor
Dinky Patterson
Dadagiri is a game show on the Indian channel Bindass. Nothing much happens after the first minute.

Rick James on Judge Joe Brown

Classic TV Clips - Educational
Rick James bickers about a guitar and amp on Judge Joe Brown

I'm Gonna F@#k Your Mom

Jimmy Labatt
Guy gets even with his cheating girlfriend and then some.

A&E Intervention: Allison The Huffer

Classic TV Clips
Some people get hooked on Meth. Allison's Fix? Computer Dust Remover.

Chinese skinning dogs alive

Horror - Pets & Animals
Tuan Jim
Horrible cruelty, soft fur coats

Animal Passion

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Classic TV Clips - Pets & Animals
Sudan no1
A documentary about the exciting lives of zoophiles. Long, but it has its moments.

Philko's final thoughts on Love.Randalin (TOP PAWG)

Religious - Pets & Animals

Feeder Fetish Animation Video

Cartoons & Animation - Accidents & Explosions
Rodents of Unusual Size
I have no idea why Youtube recommended this. Same guy has 20 more videos and they're all like this.

Burt Ward auditioning for the role of Robin.

Classic TV Clips
I have the weirdest boner.

The Brady Bunch - X-Rated Swimming Pool

Humor - Nature & Places
Alice forbids Bobby & Cindy from skinny dipping in a more 'liberal' neighbor's pool

Femskin Instructional Video

Silent, so there's nothing between you and the Femskin.

Richard Dawkins: Q & A in Lynchburg, VA

Religious - Science & Technology
Students from Falwell's Liberty University crash a talk by Richard Dawkins. He owns them all.

Why won't Hollywood cast Brendan Fraser anymore?

Educational - Business
Why is 'Dudley Do-Right' doing so little?

A Scene From a Porn Movie Set on a Plane

Accidents & Explosions - Educational
Rodents of Unusual Size
Defies explanation. Just watch.

Doral cigarettes commercial

Advertisements - Classic TV Clips
il fiore bel
taste me

Bump keys

News & Politics - Crime
Dutch language news piece explaining 'bump keying'


Humor - Horror
Caminante Nocturno
Just listen to the lyrics.

Skyrim - Spending Time With Babette

Video Games - Humor
Babette is a 300 year old vampire who looks like a ten year old girl.

COPS - "Excuse My Beauty"

Classic TV Clips
Drag Queen (or Juggalo?) gets questioned by the law.

The Day Today - Everything is All Right

Classic TV Clips
It's OK, Britain, everything is fine

Dateline Investigation on Quixtar/Amway scam

Crime - Horror
BIlly Mays Here
Pyramid scams look pretty sweet when you're at the top of said pyramid

feminization resistance dissolver

submitted as a companion piece to the alpha male subliminal programming

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