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These videos are the most watched from the last week but not submitted in the last week.

So they are videos over a week old, which are getting traffic, ranked in the order of the most traffic in the last week.

How to make a simple fake vagina. The poorman's fleshlight.

General Station
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Similar to a prison Fifi except you don't have to be in prison!

Caligula, uncut version. All of it. NSFW.

Classic Movies - Accidents & Explosions
Youtube just doesn't even give a fuck anymore.

Oh Calcutta closing act

Filmed in 1971 on the same set they filmed Sesame Street on

Titicut Follies (Complete Film)

Classic Movies - Horror
1967 documentary masterpiece about the gruesome conditions in a Massachusetts mental hospital.

8 Whole Minutes of Zit Popping and Pus Removal

Educational - Accidents & Explosions
Rodents of Unusual Size
A wonderful compilation.

Gorbachev Pizza Hut Ad

Advertisements - Classic TV Clips
Yes, it's really him. He did it to raise money for the Perestroyka Archives.

Idiot sticks foil-wrapped dong in socket

Accidents & Explosions - Humor
What the name says, some moron wraps his cock in tin foil and sticks it in an electrical outlet.

Rapelay gameplay footage

Video Games - Crime
Old news, but belongs here. Probably NSFW.

CALL OF CTHULHU New Cinematic Trailer (PS4 / Xbox One / PC)

Video Games - Religious
Eye gougingly awesome!

Orgasmic Meditation: How to (WARNING: contains illustrated vaginas)

Religious - Educational
Gamara II
Couple describes the process of achieving enlightenment through handjobs

Interview with Veronica Moser

Horror - Educational
The infamous German scat porn queen gives an interview

News anchor accidentally annouces the death of a colleague

Accidents & Explosions
Frank Rizzo
Its amazing what a complete lack of transitioncan will do to a story

Just Like Mom - Fergie Olver is a horrible human being

Classic TV Clips - Horror
Canadian game show hosted by a monster of a man

SAAB Car Stunt Testdrive Commercial

Advertisements - Stunts
Dr. Lobotomy
SAAB's 1988 car ad

Doing it with Betty: Making an Exit Bag

Simian Pride
Nurse Betty shows you how to making a simple suicide bag with materials you can easily acquire.

Serbian Film Baby Scene (Baby Dies)

Classic Movies - Educational
how much child death can you take?

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Music Videos
A truly enormous Hawaiian man sings you a pretty song.

Billy Mitchell - Pac-Man Champion!

Video Games - Religious
Billy Mitchell tells you how to be a world champion

"Little Boy Eaten By a Horse" Scene from Brothers Grimm

Classic Movies - Arts
One of the more unsettling sequences in the otherwise abysmal 2005 Terry Gilliam film.

Dragnet - 'Marijuana is the flame, heroin is the fuse, LSD is the bomb'

Classic TV Clips - Crime
Jack Webb gives not-Timothy Leary a talking to

Brian Blessed - Everest Story

Classic TV Clips - Stunts

DEATH on the HIGHWAY, GRISLY Driver Ed movie from the 70s

Educational - Horror
John Holmes Motherfucker
Infamous for crash scenes with blood retouched for extra vivid red. NSFW and not for everyone!

Mood Boobs

Humor - Classic Movies
I concur, people are basically balloons.

Zapruder Film - Close up

Educational - Classic TV Clips
New working link - I masturbate to this daily...

Rover Dangerfield - I'll Never Do It On a Christmas Tree

Cartoons & Animation
This is just inexplicable

Graphic animal husbandry

Pets & Animals - Accidents & Explosions
So I was searching for kung-fu videos and I found this. I apologize in advance.

Mister Nigger passes the torch.

Crime - News & Politics
Mister Nigger gives his channel to other people and is now changing his name (see first comment)

Cheers: A XXX Parody

Classic TV Clips - Arts
With approximately three times the cast of the Seinfeld exercise. SFW... but not your mind.

SFW Clips from the Live-Action My Little Pony XXX Parody

Classic Movies - Cartoons & Animation
Great plot.

Guy films white trash neighbors for three years. Tulsa Oklahoma.

Horror - Humor
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Drugs, prostitution, domestic abuse, dogs chase a kid, fist fights, suicide, it's all there

Maxim Gamer Girl Competition: Tradechat's Finalist Pilot Video

Video Games - Business
Pope Caius
The gaming community continues to make me feel like an old man

Juggalo Julz gets trashed

This Clip is 1 of 3 Clips (1 ,2 ,3)
Humor - Horror
The mother of Annabelle Lotus gets owned by one of her favorite bands


Humor - Horror
Caminante Nocturno
Just listen to the lyrics.

Camera catches a ghost.

Religious - Humor
Camera set up to spy on the babysitter catches a ghost.

Bangkok Girl - Pla

This Clip is 1 of 4 Clips (1 ,2 ,3 ,4)
Short Films
Hugo Gorilla
Excerpt from the documentary featuring Thai bar girl Pla.

The World Is Burning, Let's Masturbate!

Arts - Classic TV Clips
Divine David

X-Men Evolution: Girl Power

Cartoons & Animation - Horror
The people who made this show have a lot to answer for

Charley, the Cat with Cerebellar Hypoplasia.

Pets & Animals - Humor

MexicanXConnection Relapses On Camera

Stunts - Accidents & Explosions

Married with Children Porn Parody

Trailers - Humor
following in a line of cosby, 30 rock and scrubs parodies

Jim Morrison's Ex-Girlfriends speak out

Arts - News & Politics
Who's not suprised by what they say

Meredith Baxter goes to the doctor for an exam.

General Station
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
It's safe for YouTube.

Devil Clown Krystal sinks in quicksand

Horror - Crime
'Anybody who is in the quicksand community knows all about this video!!' Audio may be a bit risque.

Removal of 20 year old blackheads

so satisfying

A Tribute to Christopher Atkins

Horror - Classic Movies
the first naked teen idol

Morning Musume Idiot Girl Test

Classic TV Clips
bakune young
They sneak a test on the girls to see who is the dumbest. Stupid answers are mocked thoroughly

Treehouse of Horror comic (NSFW?)

Crime - Horror
Shoebox Joe
oddeye presents his Treehouse of Horror comic

Secret City - 80's PBS kid's drawing show

Classic TV Clips - Educational
Thanks to Commander Mark, I am who I am today

Bill Murray as "Whip Master"

Classic TV Clips - Accidents & Explosions
Proficiency with a whip is very difficult to achieve and takes many years.

USA Up All Night - the Caroline Schlitt Years

Classic TV Clips
Busby Berkeley
Before Rhonda Shear, there was Caroline Schlitt, your late-night movie gal-pal

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