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Desc:I'm not submitting this because I think it's funny. This is the worst standup routine I've ever seen
Tags:farts, Larry the cable guy, christmas carols, lol immigrants, hooting yahoos
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Comment count is 14
about as funny as a arrow through the neck...with a tax bill tied to it.
Isn't that the point?

And by that I mean, I thought the point of poeTV was to rate bad videos on a 1-5 scale of badness.

Git to gittn!
Ding dang durdely dang ding dong Ay-rabs derng dad ging gorng gerng gidaly ging Hilary Clinton golly-all-dangit! (laughter)
Berng durdle dang homasekshuls ding dong gong gerng gangity dong ding wheedly-doo! (laughter)
Wheedle dong ding dangity dit-dit-dit GIT-ER-DUUUUN!!! (wild applause)

that's the oldest looking 12 year old i've ever seen

also, i have never understood the manly-hillary clinton connection. janet reno was a handsome woman. if hillary clinton was just a soccer mom, i don't think they'd say anything if they saw her.
Cuz it's a WUMMIN doin a MAN'S JOB. Ah mean gawddamnit! Is she gone be pickin up the red phone every time she gets a hot flash? Avoidin' press conferences cuzuh cramps n whatnots? Or fillin up the White House bathrooms with them towels that you can't wash yer hands with n pink elephants on the commode tank

Jeff Fries
So I guess LtCG is banned from the front page
Frank Rizzo
he's such a hack, someone needs to post some of his stuff from the 80s

hints? Not a redneck, and bright cosby sweaters.
Wow. I don't think I've ever heard the opposite of comedy before.
Well I thought it was funny.
Testicles of Doom
I like how even the audience had a hard time laughing at him until he pulled out the racism and retards.
Racism and retards are the building blocks of all fine comedy.

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