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Highest rated videos in the Last Week
These are the highest rated videos from the last week.

#1 - 5.00

NSFW Custom Black Widow Figure

Crime - Horror
Monkey Napoleon
NSFW A deranged guy likes his action figures anatomically correct.

#2 - 5.00

Black Behavioral Therapist wrongully shot by police in North miami Florida 7/20/16

Crime - News & Politics
Born in the RSR
not my place to judge, but WTF America?

#3 - 5.00

Ted Cruz Refuses To Endorse Trump At RNC

News & Politics
Draws boos and jeers

#4 - 5.00

Donald Trump asks Russia to hack Clinton's emails on live television

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
Well folks, treason season started early this year...

#5 - 5.00

Bill O'Reilly (in response to FLOTUS' con. speech): Slaves who built White House were well-fed

News & Politics
Killer Joe
Sure, there were SLAVES, but they ate! And slept! And their masters sent the bill to the government!

#6 - 5.00

Meet Graham, Australia's idea of what humans would look like if we evolved to survive car crashes

Accidents & Explosions - Science & Technology
I think he's cute.

#7 - 5.00

Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage

Stunts - Business
Another grab at that sweet, sweet Marvel market.

#8 - 5.00

Chris-Chan has a potentially fatal abscess on his perineum and needs immediate medical care

Horror - Horror
Sexy Duck Cop
Also BIG SHOUT-OUT TO ELIZABETH! Thanks for the $50 Liz!

#9 - 5.00

NSFW - Very Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (1978) - The encounter

Classic Movies
I think the censor box technician was distracted.

#10 - 5.00

Laura Ingraham Nazi Salute at 2016 RNC Speech

News & Politics
i don't know about you but i always start waving with my arm straight out and my palm down

#11 - 5.00

Miss Cleo died

Insert 'never saw it coming' joke here.

#12 - 5.00

Why go vegetarian?

Educational - Pets & Animals
Sexy Duck Cop
If you think all vegans are wusses, watch this.

#13 - 5.00

Lost in Manboo - Residents living permanently in Japan's cyber-cafés.

Short Films - Horror
The darkness creeps in at 5:08m.

#14 - 5.00

Tekwar - Virtual reality hacking

Classic TV Clips - General Station
The kids have to learn about TekWar and VR hacking sooner or later

#15 - 5.00

Alex Jones Crashes the Young Turks livestream

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
I suppose crashing broadcasts is the in thing this week.

#16 - 5.00

Young Turks Flip Out On Alex Jones

News & Politics - Stunts
Albuquerque Halsey

#17 - 5.00

Why I Forced My Underage Boyfriend To Get Vasectomy

General Station
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Veterinarian in Thailand did for 20 bucks. YouTube vegans are crazy.

#18 - 5.00

Iaido Kata Seitei 03 Sanbon-me - Ukenagashi

Educational - Accidents & Explosions
When an adversary is on your left, deflect his blow while rising, & deliver a downwards counter blow

#19 - 5.00

Disco Droopy

Cartoons & Animation - Crime
Hugo Gorilla
In case you forget how bad cartoons have been and could be.

#20 - 5.00

Mel Gibson's Home Video While Shooting Lethal Weapon 2

Classic Movies
Hugo Gorilla
Featuring cameos and on the set goofiness years before Gibson's antisemtic rant.

#21 - 5.00

Happiest elephant in the world playing with a ribbon

Pets & Animals - Humor
some deeply hilarious elephant humor

#22 - 5.00

Hundreds of Empty DNC Seats for Hillary Clinton Coronation Speech

News & Politics
'this is like a 76ers game'

#23 - 5.00

Redefining awkward.

Humor - News & Politics
So close...

#24 - 5.00

Droopy's Good Deed 1951 Uncensored Scenes

Cartoons & Animation

#25 - 5.00


Advertisements - Business
completely automated -- somebody somewhere thinks this is a great idea

#26 - 5.00

The Most Ridicoulus Fight Scene in the F1 fake movie

Classic Movies - Humor
Someone else fucked you

#27 - 5.00

Defendant Rick and Judge Morty (watch at work, show to boss)

Cartoons & Animation - Crime
Albuquerque Halsey
Reading of court transcript at sdcc

#28 - 5.00

How to spin / twirl / flourish a sword

Educational - Military
Spinning or twirling a sword is actually much easier than you might think, why not give it a try.

#29 - 5.00

Squidward Tries to Buy a Pie

Classic TV Clips
from some shady looking characters

#30 - 5.00

Steven Universe - Peridot tries to fuse

Cartoons & Animation - Classic TV Clips
Yeah yeah Peridot is my favourite

#31 - 5.00

Genesee 1981 Cream Ale Commercial

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements
Lifestyle marketing

#32 - 5.00

Mushroom Kingdom of Heaven

Video Games - Short Films
An epic journey through the foreign mystical lands of Mushroom Kingdom from a different perspective.

#33 - 5.00

Lindybeige - The Katana

Educational - Military
William Burns
Can't believe this isn't here yet.

#34 - 5.00

Lupin the Third 1969 Pilot Film

Cartoons & Animation - Short Films
All you'd expect from Lupin is here in raw form: action, fast cars and shoji-by-phone

#35 - 5.00

MST3K: Outlaw of Gor (with annotations)

Classic TV Clips - Humor
William Burns
From Mystery Science Theater's Official Channel

#36 - 5.00

True facts about the Sea Pig

Educational - Horror
Remember, if someone scares you, just bend over and fart your lungs all over that bastard.

#37 - 5.00

Godstuff: Religious TV with Joe Bob Briggs

Short Films - Humor
Compilation of Godstuff videos.

#38 - 5.00

Tara plays saxophone for the chickens

Arts - Pets & Animals

#39 - 5.00

Tim Heidecker Crashes Infowars Broadcast

For the second time this week!

#40 - 5.00

Betty Boop for President (1980)

Classic Movies - Cartoons & Animation
Bizarre assembly of 'Betty Boop' clips (colorized by hand) woven into a musical of some sort.

#41 - 5.00

Mobile Suit Gundam MOVIE-Mobile Suit Gundam Ⅰ (ENG Sub)

Cartoons & Animation - Classic Movies
Sunrise is showing the compilation movies for free for a month

#42 - 5.00

Police Dashcam Video Shows Violent Arrest Of Austin School Teacher Breaion King

Horror - Military
I don't like where this is heading...

#43 - 5.00

Gravity-Powered Robot Walks Down Ramp

Science & Technology
No motors, it stores energy in the swinging arms.

#44 - 5.00

To hordes of crayfish And put the fish ...

Pets & Animals - Horror
A big kiss that of about 20cm (Shirogisu), but beautifully only to the bone after half a day.

#45 - 5.00

Micro Machines Super Van City Ad (1995)


#46 - 5.00

With Bob and David - Better Roots

Classic TV Clips - Humor
Dignity all around!

#47 - 5.00

After 20 years, Sega finally listens to it's fans and releases a new 2D sonic game

Video Games - None
And it actually looks pretty good.

#48 - 5.00

Cleveland Tech Report: How to Organize a Video Library (1985)

Classic TV Clips - Educational

#49 - 5.00

Girls Of The Leesburg Stockade

News & Politics - Crime
In 1963 in Americus, Ga. 15 girls aged 12-14 were jailed in a one room stockade for 45 days

#50 - 5.00

Steven Jewniverse 3: Threeven Jewniverse

Cartoons & Animation - Humor
The creator of Uncle Phil Yiffs in Heaven came back in March and we never knew.

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