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Highest rated videos in the Last Week
These are the highest rated videos from the last week.

#1 - 5.00

A Horrible, Horrible Coming Out

Horror - Religious
Rodents of Unusual Size
Man comes out to his parents, gets assaulted.

#2 - 5.00


Cartoons & Animation

#3 - 5.00

How to Traffic Stop (Affidavit of Truth)

News & Politics
A Sovereign Citizen LARPs a hypothetical traffic stop interaction and how he imagines it would go

#4 - 5.00

Student suspended for saying 'Bless You'!!!!!!1!!!!

News & Politics - Religious
Herr Matthias
Or: you've already been forwarded this six times by your right-wing uncle

#5 - 5.00

Youabian Automobiles - Puma Promo Video

Horror - Fashion
Tank-sized two door convertable with 'unique' styling, $1.1 million pricetag

#6 - 5.00

Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas Trailer

Trailers - Religious
This Christmas, have your family join with Kirk Cameronís family and dive headfirst into all the etc

#7 - 5.00

A Twitch streamer get's SWATTED (SWAT raid) while streaming.

General Station
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
A butthurt gamer seeks petty revenge by phoining in a fake threat.

#8 - 5.00

The Onion's Peter K. Rosenthal Takes a Look Back at 'Dirty Dancing'

Classic Movies
infinite zest

#9 - 5.00

A kid's reaction to his mom getting pregnant

Humor - Pets & Animals
It's exasperating!

#10 - 5.00


Nature & Places - Arts
Jet Bin Fever
Brand new Leoncie song!

#11 - 5.00

Mexican Paratrooper Becomes Towed Jumper

Accidents & Explosions - Military
Albuquerque Halsey

#12 - 5.00

They cannot keep the King Of The Hobos down.

Jacob Less, King of the hobos, is tased by police,only makes him stronger.

#13 - 5.00

All The Single Furries

Fashion - Horror
A music parody that'll sear itself in your brain and across your retinas.

#14 - 5.00

Innocent dog of peace disappointed by pot smoker

Advertisements - Educational
Stop looking at me.

#15 - 5.00

Nerds need Jesus

Religious - Stunts
Street preachers go to Comic Con

#16 - 5.00

Westboro Baptist Church Rant - The Last Leg

Classic TV Clips
Jack Jammer
The WBC wants to protest at Robin Williams' funeral

#17 - 5.00

Gamera 3 (1999) - Shibuya battle

Classic Movies - Accidents & Explosions
Reefer Fez
In which Gamera takes out 2 Gyaos, and around 10,000 Japanese people.

#18 - 5.00

Homeless Puppy By Train Tracks is Rescued Shortly Before A Fast Train Goes By

Pets & Animals
infinite zest

#19 - 5.00

Russian Cult Worships Gadget Hackwrench

Religious - Cartoons & Animation
Forgive the robot voice.

#20 - 5.00

An Australian News Guy's Ice Bucket Challenge.

News & Politics
infinite zest

#21 - 5.00

East Hills Shopping Center - Back to School Commercial

Advertisements - Horror
Boots and pants and boots and pants...

#22 - 5.00

Zellers Back-to-School Sale (1986)

Advertisements - Classic TV Clips
I was a tween in Canada in the mid-1980s. I don't remember bolo ties in the boy's clothing section.

#23 - 5.00

College Student's Snapchat Story Goes Horribly Wrong

infinite zest
Snapchat? I don't know what that is. But that Bloodhound Gang song was just a metaphor.

#24 - 5.00

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Implication

Classic TV Clips - Horror
Dennis has some romantic advice

#25 - 5.00

A New Arrowhead that Shreds Flesh is Reviewed by an Archery Enthusiast named TWANGnBANG

Pets & Animals - Horror
The Mothership
Creates 'meatworms' within a body for a faster kill. You can't make this up.

#26 - 5.00

Femskin Unboxing

Horror - Advertisements
Spaceman Africa
Comes with two catheters!

#27 - 5.00

Sci Fi Buzz Covers a Furry Convention

Pets & Animals - Classic TV Clips
Hugo Gorilla
20 years ago, furry conventions were still a new thing.

#28 - 5.00

The Little Rascals Save the Day (Trailer)

Accidents & Explosions - Advertisements
Twenty years later, Universal decided to make a terrible direct-to-video sequel.

#29 - 5.00

Wheels, Flutes and Crowns

Advertisements - Classic TV Clips
il fiore bel
Jim Henson's 1966 test commercial

#30 - 5.00

Woman with Fake Babies Arrested On Trespassing Charges

News & Politics - Horror
Trespassing at a maternity ward.

#31 - 5.00

The Prisoner - All You Need Is Love

Classic TV Clips - Arts
Minor, incomprehensible spoilers. Also hilarious, slightly threatening weirdness.

#32 - 5.00

Undercover Colors: Nail Polish to Detect Date Rape Drugs

Science & Technology - Fashion

#33 - 5.00

Harlan Ellison Talks about Image Comics

Classic TV Clips - Arts
Hugo Gorilla
Commentary from 1993. Oh, and Harlan has a official Youtube channel now.

#34 - 5.00

Guilford Freight in Peabody Square, Peabody, MA

Science & Technology - Nature & Places
Railway crossing on a busy street in Massachusetts with no gates, just a flagman?

#35 - 5.00

Man tries to hit 300kph (186mph) fastball

Sports - Stunts
blue vein steel

#36 - 5.00

Red Letter Media: A Conversation with Matt Hannon (Part 1)

Classic Movies - Educational
The star of Samurai Cop gives us a look into the complex inner workings of this legendary work.

#37 - 5.00

Do you know that Ukrainian language came from planet Venus?

Educational - Horror
'Ukrainian civilization is 140,000 yrs old' Ukrainian nationalist 'scholars'

#38 - 5.00

Muppet Show - You're Always Welcome at Our House

Classic TV Clips - Horror
We hope you will stay.

#39 - 5.00

You Don't Know Jack - Easter Egg

infinite zest
Everyone ever who had this game did this

#40 - 5.00

Not Saying 3190 Coral Drive Is A Gang Stalker

Nature & Places - Horror
In all of her over 1600 videos on youtube, she has NEVER said any one individual is a Gang Stalker.

#41 - 5.00

Carrot F^cks Up the DJ's Set

Accidents & Explosions
infinite zest
I don't know who to root for these days.

#42 - 5.00

McNuggets origin story

マック薬漬け問題 賛否ま

#43 - 5.00

U GOTTA WORK - Moonrock ft. Yung Humma

Turquoise jeep at it again

#44 - 5.00

Autry! - BUG (music video)

Fashion - Accidents & Explosions

#45 - 5.00

John McTiernan about his imprisonment

Crime - Educational
Hope he makes a comeback

#46 - 5.00

Lava lamp MIDI retrofit.

Science & Technology - Arts

#47 - 5.00

Stella: Pizza

Classic TV Clips
infinite zest
Brooklyn Pizza, specificially. But things get in the way sometimes.

#48 - 5.00

The Great Escape: 'Good luck!'

Classic Movies
The part of the movie where everybody gasps.

#49 - 5.00

3D Printed Sex Toys Are Couriers For STIs

infinite zest
Careful out there

#50 - 5.00

Best Male Performance: Jim Carrey

Classic Movies - Humor
Juice Eggs McKenna
A consumate performer

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