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Most Views in the Last Week
These are the most watched videos from the last week.

#1 - 5

Squid Cam

Pets & Animals - Nature & Places
Jumbo squid speak by 'flashing' each other

#2 - 3

Australian comic Jim Jefferies on gun control

Humor - News & Politics
An Aussie funnyman ponders the ways his country & the US handle gun regulation.

#3 - 3

Bart The General 1-4 Full Movie

Arts - Cartoons & Animation
blue vein steel
all of it

#4 - 3

Ode To The Picard Maneuver

Educational - Classic TV Clips
Another spiritual successor to the Riker Sits Down Montage

#5 - 3

Weatherman calmly announces the apocalypse

Classic TV Clips - Humor
Crab Mentality

#6 - 3

K-Tel Massage-O-Ball

Advertisements - Educational
Spit Spingola
It's a Massage-O-Ball

#7 - 2

Lars Andersen: a new level of archery

Sports - Science & Technology
Real life Hawkeye.

#8 - 2

Law Enforcement Guide To Satanic Cults

Religious - Crime
1994 fundie panic VHS

#9 - 2

Public Defender Arrested by Police for Defending Her Client's Rights

Crime - Horror
asian hick
Anyone want to deny we live in a police state?

#10 - 2

MRA meeting is brought to order.

Classic TV Clips - Humor
Serious issues are discussed.

#11 - 2

Diving Lucy

Classic Movies - Humor
best movie of 1903

#12 - 2


Short Films - Religious
Spaceman Africa
not all heroes wear capes

#13 - 2

Whoa-oo-oh Supercut

Accidents & Explosions
infinite zest

#14 - 2

Getting Around Sex Ed Rules In Mississippi

Educational - News & Politics
In MS, you can't teach how to use a condom in school. This is one teacher's workaround.

#15 - 2

Edgar Wright - How to Do Visual Comedy

His imdb has nothing upcoming, anyone know what he is up to now?

#16 - 1

Steve Harvey is a bigot - Extended edition

Religious - Classic TV Clips
Plus a few other things.

#17 - 1

New Zoo Revue outtake

Classic TV Clips - Humor
Pretty coarse language for a kid's show...

#18 - 1

SNICKERS® - “The Brady Bunch”

Advertisements - Humor
The Brady Bunch with Steve Buscemi and an ax wielding Danny Trejo

#19 - 1

Dog Taking Two Fat Shits

Pets & Animals - Cartoons & Animation
As retarded as it is, if you give it a minute I don't think you ppl will be disappointed.

#20 - 1

Most Popular Omitted Scene from Fifty Shades of Grey

Horror - Trailers
They decided not to keep this scene in the upcoming film for some reason.

#21 - 1

Homeworld Remastered Collection Release Date Teaser

Video Games - Accidents & Explosions
Gearbox's shot at redemption

#22 - 1

Toddler Gets Kicked by Breakdancer

Arts - Humor

#23 - 1

Inexplicable Trailer For 'Family Of Cops' Starring Charles Bronson

Crime - Educational
When I got my DVD copy of Death Machine recently, this trailer was the only 'extra' included...

#24 - 1

Chris-chan attempted to join a message board dedicated to trolling him

News & Politics
This is his video application for membership on the site. I wonder how they knew it was him?

#25 - 1

Buddhist monks chanting the 'Lotus Sutra'

Arts - Educational
It sounds like a Tennesee jug band sans jugs and on mescaline

#26 - 1

Survivor [1987] - Richard Moll's ultimate insane warrior/philosopher/antagonist monologue

Classic Movies - General Station
Richard Moll rants at this post-apoc flick's protaganist for about ten minutes.

#27 - 1

Christine Weick interrupts the Texas Muslim Capitol Day speaker

News & Politics - Humor
In other news, Texas attemped a 'Texas Muslim Capitol Day'

#28 - 1

art interface 'Wardance'

Arts - Arts
new wave cold war rubbish

#29 - 1

So you want to get a PhD in the Humanities?

Educational - Cartoons & Animation
'Get the frack out of my office'

#30 - 1

Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington on the end of the world


#31 - 1

10 Banned Children's Toys

Science & Technology - Accidents & Explosions
Notable for the flame pistol.

#32 - 1

Ablisa's X-Factor Audition.

Classic TV Clips - Accidents & Explosions
Two lovely young ladies for our entertainment.

#33 - 1

Walk n' LOL

Sports - Arts
Exercise the muscles in your legs and around your mouth.

#34 - 1

Girl's dad wouldn't stop reading her mail

Fashion - Horror
Crab Mentality
Response? Mail herself a glitter bomb.

#35 - 1

(Google translated title) 'Blyaya!' - The driver came under fire Mariupol Putin Wehrmacht

News & Politics - Accidents & Explosions
Dashcam video of Russ- I mean 'rebel' (winkwink) attack on Mariupol, Ukraine.

#36 - 1

Malfunctioning coolant system.

Humor - Pets & Animals
Someone ought to change that fanbelt.

#37 - 1

Woman Sees Pentagram on School Bus Lights, Gets Angry

Religious - Humor
Rodents of Unusual Size
Someone should do something!

#38 - 1

The Sultry Dance of the Bowerbird

Pets & Animals - Educational
Crunchy Frog
Erotic dance! Blue gifts! Unfortunate missteps!

#39 - 1

Black Man Lawfully Carrying Gun Gets Pummeled by White Vigilante at Walmart

Crime - Stunts
John Holmes Motherfucker
'He's got a gun!' Of course he does; it's Florida! Wait for the good angle.

#40 - 1

Bio-Cop (Trailer)

Trailers - Short Films
A short film/trailer for a fake movie about an undead, clinically depressed, bio-weapon cop.

#41 - 1

Highlight from Sarah Palin's Iowa speech

News & Politics
I'm sorry. Could you go over that one more time?

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