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All videos from the last 7 days
All videos from the last 7 days. These will also include music videos available on 73q.com.

Cycling tour through the Anaheim homeless camps

Educational - Horror
part of them

Villain reveal from 'Sh! The Octopus!' (1937)

Arts - Classic Movies
Really cool lighting effect in a long-forgotten melodrama.

The Godfathers Of Hardcore | Agnostic Front Documentary |

Arts - Religious
'I'm 60 & I got a mohawk!'

The Curse of Khat

Nature & Places
Born in the RSR
aka Yemeni Reefer Madness

A silo in Norway is demolished

Accidents & Explosions - Science & Technology
Crab Mentality

Garfield: Caught In The Act

Video Games
A way underrated Genesis platformer that combined 'Babes and Bullets' and the Halloween special.

Justice League - B Team

I guess Alf was busy that week...

Snake Kills Rodent Which Fascinates Baby Capuchin

Pets & Animals - Educational
...in which we learn that monkeys don't eat just bananas


Classic TV Clips - Arts
RIP Guitarist Malcolm Young, 1953-2017.

Garfield: His 9 Lives (complete)

Cartoons & Animation
The drugs kick in at 13:20

The Christmas Consultant - Trailer

Religious - Trailers

Giant Otters Take Down a Caiman

Nature & Places - Horror
...while sounding like children of the damned

The Dark Past of Sea Monkeys

News & Politics - Nature & Places
Born in the RSR
no spoilers, just watch it

Michael (1996)

Classic Movies - Humor
John Travolta is a slobby archangel in this box office smash

Creative PC-DVD Demo

Humor - Science & Technology
Maggot Brain
Get ready to have your baggy, beige socks knocked off, 1997. The future is here and it's called DVD

Tim Heidecker Murder Trial. Highlights From Day 1

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Half of poetv, enjoy. Other half, pretend its real and enjoy

The Daily Show Interviews Alabama Conservatives on Judge Roy Moore

News & Politics
John Holmes Motherfucker
Like shooting fish in a barrel

Boston dynamics tease new 'spot mini' robot

Science & Technology
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.

Australian Attorney-General George Brandis on implying you are a real or fictitious government

News & Politics - Crime
Proposed law allows up to two years imprisonment even where no harm is intended and none occurs

Alexander the Great (1963/68, whole thing)

Classic TV Clips - Arts
Unsold pilot starring William Shatner, Adam West and John Cassavetes.

Audience Reacts to Pikachu Talking in English for the First Time

Cartoons & Animation - Accidents & Explosions
Marlon Brawndo
So many levels of what the hell did I just watch

Hermione Gingold on her dope musical.

The old lady from 'The Music Man' sings a nice song. Visuals by Vincent Price.

Cutie Honey theme song - Kantele cover

Cartoons & Animation - Educational
Maggot Brain
Come hear the song of my people.

Dragonball: Goku Meets Bulma For The First Time (Japanese)

Cartoons & Animation - Classic TV Clips
RIP Hiromi Tsuru, the Japanese voice of Bulma.

Deadpool’s 'Wet on Wet' Teaser

Holy fucknuckles I am high as a kite right now

Darth Vader Mask Fail

Classic Movies - Accidents & Explosions
lieutenant halfabeef
Auralnauts shows why you don't cheap out on voice modulators when rebuilding your enforcer

RAMPAGE Official Trailer

Accidents & Explosions - Arts
Born in the RSR
Remember that Arcade Game from fucking 30 years ago?

Whispering Misty Night

Hiromi Tsuru
Music Videos - World - Ethnic - International
RIP Hiromi Tsuru, voice of Madoka Ayukawa in Kimagure Orange Road, also Bulma in Dragonball Z.

The Truth About Soy Boys

General Station
About time we talk about this scourge

What's new, Atlas?

Science & Technology - Educational
Let's see the progress by Boston Dynamics...ha ha, we're doomed!

Donald Trump attempts to drink water

The fuck is wrong with this guy?

Demonstration of the Charlie Douglass Laff Box

Science & Technology
A once closely-guarded secret, used for nearly every USA sitcom of the 1960s

Big Bang Theory where only one person finds it funny

Classic TV Clips - Military
That guy
waaHAHAAHAAha ohno aaAAhahahahaah

Various TV Newscast Opens, Promos, and Station IDs, Part 153

News & Politics - Classic TV Clips
FCC is eliminating most of the last remaining anti-monopoly broadcast regulations today.

Big Trouble - 1986

Columbia traded the rights to 'Back to the Future' for this movie.

Cards Against Humanity Saves America

Humor - News & Politics
As Publicity Stunts go, this is pretty cool.

Lo Siento

Cartoons & Animation - Horror
Chicken the Did
Video from 'that' part of YouTube. NSFW (and let's try this again.)

Gilbert Gottfried on Louis CK news

News & Politics
Hack news team asks about masturbation, gets uncomfortable when Gilbert mentions masturbation.

Swirlee (the entire thing)

Classic Movies - Short Films
The beloved classic about a man made of ice cream!

Same Sex Marriage survey was rigged in Australia?

News & Politics - Religious
Losers losing gracefully.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: When Roy Moore Was Attracted To Inappropriately Aged Girls He Was A DEMOCRAT

News & Politics - Horror
blue vein steel
Rush, go fuck yourself.

Alex Jones & guest defend Roy Moore against child sex assault charges #Pizzagate

News & Politics - Short Films
Vic Berger

Brown Shoes Don't Make It (live in Finland, August 1973)

News & Politics - Crime
As topical as ever.

Pollution Is So Bad in India, It's Causing Car Crashes

Accidents & Explosions - Science & Technology
India's Smog is so Thick that rappers want it in their videos.

Scene from 'Fritz the Cat'

Classic Movies - Cartoons & Animation
All the adventures and experiences and diversities and paradoxes and ironies of life!

The Amazing True Story of Turkish Star Wars

Classic Movies - Educational
Documentary about how 'Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam' — 'The Man Who Saves the World' was made.

Train Swipes Parked Vehicle

Accidents & Explosions - Stunts
Nobody's in the truck but the driver was apparently sitting just across the street & ignored warning

Raggedy Ann & Andy A Musical Adventure - The Whole Thing!

Classic Movies
A masterclass in turning a beloved childrens icon into nightmare fuel!

Female Trouble (1974, the whole NSFW thing)

Classic Movies - Fashion
Inexplicably available for download at archive.org. Grab it while you can!


Horror - Science & Technology
You got your PSA in my Black Mirror! No, you got your Black Mirror in my PSA!

live October 3, 1970

Sonny Sharrock
Music Videos - Blues Jazz Soul Gospel
with Linda

Time (a short film)

Science & Technology
Marlon Brawndo
One of the best short scifi films I've ever seen.

Deleted Wikipedia Articles Submitted by Insane People

Science & Technology - Educational
I hope the 'Fish repairs' article was about resurrecting Abe Vigoda.

2017 Kyushu November Sumo Tournament Preview

Rundown of current Sumo world, tour of the official 'sumo school'.

sonic characters as cats

Set to light jazz.

Felix the cat transform into sonic the hedgehog

Cartoons & Animation

Diamanda Galás - The Litanies Of Satan


Jazz City TV presents 'The Original Rufus Harley Story'

Arts - Educational
The greatest jazz piper of all time.

Felix the Cat: The Movie trailer

Accidents & Explosions - Trailers
A landmark in cinema enchantment.

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