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25 Highest Rated Videos in the Past 30 Days

#1 - 5.00

Pogo Hates the Gays

News & Politics - Arts
Hugo Gorilla
Oh, the guy that does all those Disney song remixes? Really? THAT Pogo?

#2 - 5.00

I guess the lesson here is don't fuck with Indian Railway

Classic TV Clips - Accidents & Explosions

#3 - 5.00

Rachel Maddow breaks down in tears reading breaking news about sending babies to shelters

News & Politics - Horror

#4 - 5.00

Grill Talk with Mark Zuckerberg

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
this is fine

#5 - 5.00

Living With Epidermolsisy Bullosa

Horror - Science & Technology
Marlon Brawndo
A very rare and horribly disfiguring genetic condition.

#6 - 5.00

1970s live action Sugar Crisp commercial


#7 - 5.00

Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling - Worst Falls 2018

Accidents & Explosions - Arts
someone shot and edited this event the way it always needed

#8 - 5.00

Adorable bird swears up a storm.

Humor - Humor
I almost feel bad for the adorable human

#9 - 5.00

The time Corey Lewandowski said 'Womp, Womp' about a girl with Down Syndrome taken from her mom

Horror - News & Politics
Just continuing to document the rise of a fascist America on poeTV

#10 - 5.00

1950's Post Heart Of Oats Cereal Commercial

Classic TV Clips - Advertisements
The cereal that brings the roar out of 1950s housewives

#11 - 5.00

Marc Summers and Burt Reynolds on The Tonight Show

Classic TV Clips
Yellow Lantern
Things get a little heated.

#12 - 5.00

Foreign Accent Syndrome

Marlon Brawndo
A lunatic woman claims she has an illness that makes her speak like various stereotypes.

#13 - 5.00

The tragedy of Balloonfest ྒ

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
The mistake on the lake

#14 - 5.00

A Kaplan Graduate Explains Her Degree is NOT Worth Anything

Educational - Crime
Marlon Brawndo
Kaplan is a HUGE scam ruining people's lives. 40K for NOTHING.

#15 - 5.00

Insane jump by a Buick La Sabre

Stunts - Short Films
Crab Mentality

#16 - 5.00


Classic TV Clips - Humor
blue vein steel
Conan looks in on a German game show

#17 - 5.00

Money for loving, bees for free

Horror - Horror
Something about microwave ovens

#18 - 5.00

Congo - Stop Eating My Sesame Cake!

Classic Movies - General Station
Maggot Brain
The pinnacle of excellence in film, and sesame cake

#19 - 5.00

Seattle Anarchist Dad addresses the City Council

News & Politics
S'up Bootlickers

#20 - 5.00

Why trucks have recomended payload capacities

Accidents & Explosions - Educational
blue vein steel
or, your small truck can't carry a boulder that weighs more than it does.

#21 - 5.00

Let's upgrade to Windows 98 with 39 floppy disks

Science & Technology
Two-hour extravaganza

#22 - 5.00

Senator Jeff Merkley Visits The Detention Center in Brownsville, TX

Crime - Horror
Marlon Brawndo
They called the police on a Senator for asking to view the facility.

#23 - 5.00

Psycho Soldier - opening theme

Video Games
The most amazing video game song ever, from Fisher-Price recording studio..

#24 - 5.00

Toni Lahran goes to a restaurant

News & Politics - Nature & Places
Guess what happens

#25 - 5.00

In case you need to know sexy time words in Japan

Humor - Humor
And let people know that your grandparents give good head

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