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25 Most Favoriteded Videos in the Past 7 Days

#1 - 3

Guy Cuts a Rug on the Gym Treadmill

Stunts - Arts
Rodents of Unusual Size
I was just on a treadmill a few hours ago and this did not happen.

#2 - 3

Jurassic Goat

Pets & Animals - Classic Movies

#3 - 3

Bioastronautics Research c 1960 USAF Aerospace Medical Resarch Laboratory

Science & Technology - Pets & Animals
Experiments that prepared us for space flight.

#4 - 2

Martha's Birthday Party

Humor - Horror
Hugo Gorilla
From the mind behind the Perry Bible Fellowship comics.

#5 - 2

The Onion's Peter K. Rosenthal Reviews 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,'

infinite zest
...accidentally reviews every other movie this summer too

#6 - 2

I Wanna Get Me A Gun

Music Videos - Classic Rock
has anybody parodied this?

#7 - 2

Randy Savage: Mike Tyson's Great Grandmother

Classic TV Clips
...a higher authority...a royal authority...a kingly authority

#8 - 2

How White Man Took Over America

Carl Woodward
'This video is an excellent expose' of anti-white racists and should be spread far and wide.'

#9 - 2

Nina Simone discusses and sings Strange Fruit

Horror - Arts
Recording session: Live at Morehouse College in Atlanta, June 1969

#10 - 2

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Prisons

Humor - News & Politics

#11 - 2

Moon Animate Make Up!

Cartoons & Animation - Humor
Over 250 animators assemble a remade episode of the Sailormoon Dub. Excellent.

#12 - 2

CŁneyt Arkin, Most Turkish Fight Scene Ever!

Accidents & Explosions - Classic Movies
Our man CŁneyt Arkin teaches us all why we should never leave home without a scimitar

#13 - 1

Murbah Swamp Beer

Nature & Places - Sports
Dr Dim
A crashed beer truck brings wonder and chaos to a small Australian town (doco).

#14 - 1

The Bedspread King is mad about cereal

News & Politics
Claims to be the Rosa Parks of cereal.

#15 - 1

Lou Ferrigno's ''The Adventures of Hercules'' (1984) complete

John Holmes Motherfucker
How bad can it be?

#16 - 1

Go To Work (1995)

Short Films - Science & Technology
A man deals with his existential crisis the only way he knows how: Video Toaster

#17 - 1

The Long Lost 'Drunk Larry King' Tape

Frank Rizzo
'I think you're exhausted after 30 nights'

#18 - 1

Cagle Lets get it going Punk!

Crime - Science & Technology
blue vein steel
In which FEDSMOKER gets harassed about his ride by a few babyrapers

#19 - 1

Some Japanese guy loses his shit on TV.

Classic TV Clips
I can't tell if it's an act. I don't really care.

#20 - 1

By Psychokinesis a Psychic turns a Cloud into a Square Cloud

Religious - Humor
pressed peanut sweepings
'Cloud, become a squuerrr.'

#21 - 1

Nathan for You: The Claw of Shame

infinite zest
Nathan risks a lifetime of sex offender status for you.

#22 - 1

Galapagos Tortoise enjoys some watermelon

Pets & Animals - General Station
It's just enjoying the hell out of that watermelon

#23 - 1

Jam - Loving You

Classic Movies - Humor
The high note in this song has been known to induce blindness. BEWARE.

#24 - 1

Ken Penders' Sonic movie pitch to SEGA

Trailers - Business
Seven Arts/H8 Red
'They said it was just a video game, but I knew better!'

#25 - 1

Nathan for You: Nathan Helps Out A Liquor Store

Classic TV Clips - Educational
infinite zest
It's cool and legal.

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