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Desc:This made my day
Tags:hands, how to do anything, swiss army lamp
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Crab Mentality
It's only now that I see how painfully bland my current lamps are.
The Townleybomb
Yeah right, like I am gonna put something that fancy-schmancy up in my house. What do you think I am, donald trump?
All other lamps now offend me.
Flammable art!
Jet Bin Fever
If I had known it was so easy, I would've kept my old toothbrush.
I can't believe I watched this entire video.
I was thinking it was alllll going to come together like a EUREKA! moment.

Then he grabbed the cheese grater.

Albuquerque Halsey
Hello, Operator? I think I've been trolled
After reading the comments, I skipped straight to the end. I think this video would also work if played in reverse.
These are standard issue in the Switzerland military.
thank you so much for this video
I half expected it to cut to a legitimate "decorative lamp" when he turned on the light.
La Loco
If I know it was that easy I wouldn't have bought mine at CB2.
This video is amazing when you skip ahead 15 seconds at a time through out it.
Corpus Delectable
Five regrettably undecorated stars.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
This is such a powerful piece of work... It actually made me question momentarily the whole decorative lamp idiom!! ... Of course I snapped out of it pretty quick, just where would we be without decorative lamps?
Xenagama Warrior Princess
Chicks dig this type of domestic creativity.
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