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Desc:the only way he knows how
Category:Short Films, Arts
Tags:machine gun, the south, white people, watermelons, hickock45
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Comment count is 21
That's so melodramatic.
I'm pretty sure you mean melondramatic.

fatatty, ladies and gentlemen!

he probably took those melons from an orphanage
a vietnamese orphanage

Jet Bin Fever
Can someone tell me how much a stupid stunt like this would cost? You know, price of melons, ammo, rifle?
I may be out of my knowledge zone, but I believe fully automatic weapons are unable to be sold legally to civilians. That said, i saw prices for M16s around k and i'd assume that would be a decently comparable price. I just found a 30 rd box of ammo for .19 each. 4 clips were used. I'll assume around per watermelon. So my math tells me 20,000 + (4 X 11.19) + (50 X 3) = , 194.76. I may be way off on the gun price as it was probably free for this fella who got it as a spoil of war or is just borrowing it from someone.

Jet Bin Fever
Well I guess the stunt itself then would probably cost ~0. That's enough for me to think that this isn't really worth the effort, regardless of whatever price modifying a rifle to full auto and all that.

I met a Teabagger cop in Indiana who had an M16 he said was k. Every Teabagger I met in Indiana that day had a fully automatic weapon and the cop didn't care. It went with their mustard yellow Teabagger teeshirts.

No price is too high to bring so much delicious joy to all of us.

He said they were bad melons. He probably grows them himself out in the country. I doubt anyone would buy a pile of melons just for this purpose.

I can't in honesty say it wouldn't be worth it till I've executed my first pile of melons.

Daddy Warcrimes
That's a M4, not a M-16, and you can get them for about 800 bucks, semi-auto. Auto conversion will run you a bit more, but probably not another k more.

Also I'd rather be seeing and hearing R. Lee Ermy doing this.
Right you are. I was using an M16 price because i couldn't find any M1A1s for sale on the internets. It looks like conversions are k-k depending on which type of mod.

I miss Mail Call as well.

I also found out you can mod it with only a drill press and no care about going to federal prison for 10 years.

"This is where we grow...THE ENEMY"

La Loco
That's racist!
As far as I know fully automatic weapons can be legally purchased as long as you have a special license and the weapon itself was manufactured and registered with the ATF before 1986. Oh, and as long as you're willing to drop roughly the cost of a new car on one.

Only three because really this isn't a patch on that fat fuck shooting himself
White Trash Party
No survivors!
He's surprisingly coherent and informative in other videos where he isn't trying to be FPS Russia.
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