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Desc:Take out the youtube clips he commentates on and you get this.
Category:General Station, Arts
Tags:depression, spiked hair, Ray William Johnson, video commentary
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The Mothership
don't know who he is, but this sonofabitch reminds me of a Canadian I used to work with in Scotland. he stole from the charity box we had on the counter of our shop. now he's a fucking lawyer.
He's the most watched man on Youtube. His videos feature his commentary on viral videos. His commentary is so douchey it would make Bob Saget weep.

He seems like the type of person who would hire bots or MechanicalTurk drones to drive up his pageviews.

when you comment on videos like this guy
I hate this man so much. I would be overjoyed if somebody murdered him or if he died suddenly. He is shit.
You know who's really annoying and hated by all? THIS GUY!
Jet Bin Fever
You know who blows dicks at the bus station?
Void 71
This is what happens when you implant the emotion chip into a sentient Youtube android.
John Holmes Motherfucker
The clips aren't funny, either.
They have to appeal to people who are too lazy or don't visit places where viral videos are often posted, or those who prefer their clips presented by a host. And by "host" I mean someone who appears to be possessed by the demonic spirit of whatever birthed the Morning Zoo radio format.

I don't even understand why he's popular.

Then again, I don't understand why Perez Hilton is popular either.

Automatic five stars of evil for this guy. I'm not even going to watch the video.
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