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Desc:Introducing the revolutionary SaunaPants!
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:ads, commercial, infomercial, penetrating deep warm heat, saunapants
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Comment count is 21
My balls are never sweaty enough. Finally science has invented a way to make my balls sweatier! USA! USA!
I love the way all the actors are sitting in comfy leather chairs, beds, and sofas, all of which would be completely ruined by my excess ball sweat.

i like the two off-beat orchestra hits at the end
All my stars go to 1:08, of all the people lounging around in their stank pants, that one took the awkward cake.
I actually made a displeased noise outloud at that part. Uh... DNOL?

So a 30 year old Monty Python joke becomes reality?
i think they were referring to an actual product back in the python sketch... but you get 5 for catching that

If there's one thing I hate, it's sitting around in a hot room waiting for the excess water that may contain toxins to come out.
The Mothership
cue related fetish video in 3...2...
Is that woman talking on a remote control?
Dread Pirate Roberts
Who has time for a spa?

... the whole point of it is taking time to slow down and relax. How the fuck can I relax when wearing an Astronaut diaper with an electric blanket built in?
Jet Bin Fever
I wonder how long before the class-action lawsuit from all the men made sterile by these.
That's just the "toxins" leaving your body.

Is that lady in the black dress wearing her sauna pants underneath?

I wouldn't wanna be the person processing those "no questions asked" returns.
I wouldn't want to be the dude who closes the deal with a girl only to discover her electronic sweat factory undies. I guess she would be pre-lubricated but in a way that amazes and terrifies.

Sudan no1
I think the Cinco D-Pants would be more effective.
you lose a lot of weight

Stop sitting around in a room of strangers.
I was waiting for hint revealing this as a parody, it never came.
Me too. From the front page, I thought it was a Tim and Erik commercial, to be honest.

I've always wanted my dick and ass to be swampy while the rest of me stays cool and dry. Thank God we live in these times.
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