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Desc:Just say no!
Category:Advertisements, Educational
Tags:80s, PSA, drugs, marijuana
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Comment count is 26
Caminante Nocturno
Kudos on getting the most appropriately punchable kids possible for your PSA.
I know at the end it's supposed to say "5 CARES" but the font and it's closeness to the 5 makes it looks like "SCARES" which is quite appropriate.
Oscar Wildcat
Indeed; it's easy to burn a finger sucking at the last bit of that roach.
Which is why you put cardboard at the end.

American Standard
Borrow a clip from grandpa.

Caminante Nocturno
Or just use a bong like a normal person.

Ive never been a fan of joints, even when so-called masters of rolling make them. Theyre tolerable with a cardboard mouthpiece though, but it still always feels wasteful. A blunt burns nice and slow. But a bong is always the best.

Oscar Wildcat
You kind of undercut the "wasteful" argument if you suggest a cigar sized joint is a good substitute ( plus, how tacky can you get? ). For my money, the protopipe is the best and most stylish vehicle for conveyance of the sweet smoke to the blood/brain barrier... and beyond!

PBR can crushed in the middle with a hole punched in it with my Buck Knife.

I love joints, but they're really inefficient and I'm a cheapskate, so I only smoke them if someone offers one.

I've used the occasional blunt wrap, I will confess. They're OK I guess...

big fan of the handy dany dug-out, its easier to get a quick one at work

Just put it in an apple ya dummy . . .
For your health.

I don't smoke weed.

Oscar Wildcat
That's good, coz you can put your eye out with that pot!

Oscar - I dont use normal blunt wraps, I take 99 cent swishers and slide them and re-wrap, usually after cutting off a bit of the extra width (not length). I dont put a full gram in them usually so it's about the same as a nice fat joint but the way I roll it, it burns normally until about halfway, then it takes forever to finish after it resinates.

No I don't think i'm cool because I smoke. I smoke because I think i'm cool.


These kids don't look like potheads.

If anything, these are kids who'd just sit around during recess and sniff purple Uhu, wondering when it was going to kick in.
I'm lazy either way.
Binro the Heretic

Shut the fuck up and go back to your little house on the prairie.
She has to do all the grocery shopping because pot stabbed her mom to death.

That girl is dressed like she's going to end up a sister wife.

Ow, pot!
Everything they said applies to me as I age anyways.
It only hurts my waistline, I eat like a machine when I'm blazed.
Aubrey McFate
Hey, if pot hurts, you're doing it wrong!

Thanks for coming out, I'm here 'till Thursday.
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