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Tags:Molotov, obama, libertarian, 99%, for the record
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Comment count is 18
Oh, shut the fuck up!
It's hard to tell who's more delusional or hateful. The filmmaker or the YouTube comment brigade.
The guy who makes these bans anyone who disagrees too well to be ignored. So the comments aren't a true representative of the viewers' opinions, just the opinions of those who are allowed to talk.

This dbag is another delusional libertarian, so, this needs a "libertarian" tag.
As someone that has a natural talent for grabbing things and running I can tell you that government regulation is preventing me from opening my own business. They literally train people to walk around carrying guns and preventing people like me from making off with cool stuff we've found.
There's 4 kinds of libertarians:

- Rich people trying to dupe dumb people.

- Racists upset they can't lynch anymore.

- Dumb kids who think a lawless society would work out just like their local co-op farmer's market and weed dispensary.

- Wannabe entrepreneurs who blame RULES on not being successful businessmen rather than their own incompetence. This includes scumfuck business owners shut down for tax evasion.

MacGyver Style Bomb
I used to do maintenance at a public high school for a few years. A rather nice one in a good suburban neighborhood at that. For a while, there was a libertarian club, or at least someone who got permission to put up fliers. Eventually it stopped, most likely since the little shits graduated... or perhaps they eventually realized that they were ATTENDING A PUBLIC SCHOOL.

They also sometimes had pictures of Mel Gibson on their fliers. This was before his meltdown, but I'm sure whoever made those really felt stupid in retrospect.

Libertarians lack the self-awareness to ever feel shame for something stupid they've said or done.

He's against gay marriage. Apparently the government shouldn't be prosecuting fraud on wall street but it should be implementing a religious ban on certain families.

He's also for intentionally standing by and letting foreign countries slaughter and torture their gays.

Robin Kestrel
^ for Fabio.

You forgot the fifth one:
-Violence obsessed kooks who dream of the day they'll be able to shoot someone and get away with it and do nothing but constantly buy guns and talk about the second amendment.

The wrong religious fanatics martyr themselves.

Seriously, this guy should have been a suicide bomber. It's a horrible, unjust fucking universe where this guy isn't splattered shit over some cafe front somewhere.
Rodents of Unusual Size
What a complete fucking tool.
I swear I remember him railing against Wall Street in a video he made before OWS happened.
I'm quite certain of the same thing.

Jet Bin Fever
Fuck this guy. Fuck him SO SO hard.
Aubrey McFate
Hey, I have to pay taxes! ALL GOVERNMENT IS BAD GRR
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