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Desc:Japanese OCD food production attempts an actual meal.
Tags:WTF Japan, rrcherrypie, fish corn dog
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Comment count is 17
Binro the Heretic
That's not a corn dog...

The Townleybomb
It's Japanese, "Amerkan doggu"!

American Standard
I'd eat it.
Wonko the Sane
american standards aren't what they used to be

Jet Bin Fever
This guy's diet is at least 75% powder.
Oscar Wildcat
Like a Testors model kit that you can eat. How awful.
Grandmaster Funk
It's gotten to where I get physically ill hearing the sounds of crinkling plastic bags and alien powders being mixed in flimsy plastic tubs in these videos. This is only the third one I've seen.
I'm so with you.

Macho Nacho
He's cooked actual meals...on a toy oven from the 70s:

The chunky-fart like explosion at the end is what makes this.
That soda looks about as terrible as the meal.
And he still feels compelled to use a tiny whisk.
When all you have is a whisk, everything looks like melon soda.

That guy
Disgusting Japanese food that we're partly responsible for + awesome dissolve transition + shock ending
I dated two Japanese women when I was in college, and neither of them could make a rice-ball worth a damn.

Every time they'd try and make a cake for dessert (which they make A LOT apparently), it'd end up looking like a pale twinkie filled with friggin bean paste.

I hate bean paste.

Anyhoo, the last one I dated lived in Shiga Prefecture, and I went over there for two weeks to meet their folks. Always keep in mind that the Japanese covet their personal space. And when meeting your girlfriend's parents keep a respectful distance AND DO NOT PUT YOUR ARM AROUND HER SURLY OLD FATHER AND BLOW SOFTLY IN HIS EAR!! I can't stress that enough.

I'm surprised that the egg, plastic sticks, rocketship corndog mold, and quantity of milk didn't also come in individually-wrapped packets.

I'm surprised Japan isn't buried in a layer of plastic wrappers by now.
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