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Desc:made by a journalist traveling w/ rebels and another in Monrovia during the 2003 siege of Monrovia
Tags:Africa, civil war, liberia, charles taylor
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Jet Bin Fever
Man, it's going to take a lot of Macho Man videos to wash this one out of my system.
Tough to watch, but worth watching.
The heart part was the hardest part.

Yet another reason to hate George Bush.
The youtube comments alone are worth 5 stars.

"The average IQ in sub-saharan Africa is just 70. This is what a population with a mean IQ of just 70 creates."
There was an interview on NPR a few days ago about General Butt Naked, and how he converted to Christianity and now goes door to door demanding people to forgive him, in a deeply threatening manner. People politely say they forgive him.
well you should understand that butt naked fled the country in the mid 90s when his krahn faction (ulimo-J) was losing the war. Then when the country was relatively safe again, he returned as an evangelist and makes pretty good money at it.

He was never even much of a military leader, more of a kill civilians and drink some blood type of a guy. Basically maybe the worst human being alive right now that I can think of offhand

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