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Desc:New working link - I masturbate to this daily...
Category:Educational, Classic TV Clips
Tags:JFK, Zapruder, kennedy, assasination, brains
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Comment count is 11
Twitch - 2007-01-09
Up...and to the left. Up...and to the left. Up...and to the left.
ineedanewalias - 2007-01-10
Starred for general importance, can we add a NSFW tag?
Caminante - 2007-01-10
Bullshit. I've payed JFK Reloaded, and it didn't happen like that at all.
William Burns - 2007-01-10
Frame 317: BIP!
kingarthur - 2007-01-10
Exit wound to the upper left face. BIG one.
BAC - 2007-01-10
I suddenly have the urge to eat watermelon
dr_rock - 2007-01-10
wtf is with him "freezing" right before the hit? like he locks up... even jackie is like "wtf?"
positively - 2007-01-10
dr rock - he's freezing up because he just got shot in the neck.
gambol - 2007-07-02
Furthermore, he suffered from sever back pains for most of his life and at this instant was wearing a stiff brace to support it. With this in place, he wasn't able to slouch as would be expected after the first shot through the neck, but rather held him erect and vulnerable to the lethal shot. This rigid support also possibly helps give the appearance of the 'third shot,' back and to the left.

Cooper, Pauline. The Medical Detectives. New York: David McKay, 1973. ISBN 0-679-50382-X @ Amazon [a] p. 198 [b] p. 209

Dallek, Robert. The medical ordeals of JFK. Atlantic Monthly. 2002 (Dec);290(5):49-61. [a] p. 61 [b] p. 60

Tobor - 2007-01-10
His arms coming up like wings is an involuntary response from the first hit. first hit
FABIO2 - 2007-02-27
If you didn't know a Zapruder film closeup would be NSFW, you deserve to get fired.
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