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Desc:What killed the dinosaurs?
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:batman, joker, Mr. Freeze, dark knight, chill
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Comment count is 20
Sudan no1
Weird, this makes me LIKE Shumacher.
James Woods
What? Why?

Corpus Delectable
Ya know what? Fuck Batman.

Go masturbate to 2001 A Space Odyssey then pretend to understand and enjoy it.

Adham Nu'man
2001 is a sci-fi thriller about a man stuck on a spaceship with a crazed A.I. that is trying to kill him.
It also has an artistically beautiful extended prologue & epilogue hinting at intelligent alien life being the precursor to the evolution of human sentience and also being responsible for accidentally driving the A.I. insane.

Is that really so difficult to comprehend for you?

I got that part. Its the bullshit after it no one gets. Its 3 hours of shit and at the end the guy turns into a space baby.

Adham Nu'man
Bruce Wayne's parents die and he turns into a manbaby, then it's three hours of shit after that.

A manbaby FURRY. With billions of dollars to blow, so instead of spending some of it to help the police department get better at stopping crime, or helping to eradicate poverty (which leads to increased crime), he dresses up in his bat-suit and goes and punches people with bat-object-X.

And sometimes he fucks a woman who likes to dress as a cat WHILE she's dressed as a cat, and he's dressed as a bat.

He also probably listens to Linkin Park, craaaawwwling in my skiiiiin, theseee wouuundssss.....

Batman & Robin was writen by Akiva Goldsman, the man also wrote the screenplay for the Da Vinci Code movie, and has produced a big pile of crap movies.
He also "wrote" Lost In Space.

If he'd handed it over to a thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters, it would have been better.

Come to think of it, "Lost in Space" with an all-monkey cast, save for the space-pet (which would be a human in a human-sized version of the ape's costume from the old series) would have been better. I smell a reboot!

At least I can laugh at the Shumacher movies.
A lot of people like Christopher Nolan Batman films, so I don't like them either.

Sudan no1
Relax, fanboy. You have to immerse yourself in the gloomy Nolan movies, the funny Shumacher clips work better out of context.

Out of context Nolan's Buttman is all dour serious and it sucks the life out of everything.

If i want funny i read some Deadpool, Batman is not funny, he doesn't have to be.

Akiva Goldsman also wrote Lost in Space. He was brought in to punch up the script for I, Robot, apparently after Will Smith was brought on board, to tailor it specifically for Will Smith. I couldn't even
make it all the way through A Beautiful Mind because the dialogue & story were so fucking simplistic & goddamn silly. And he got an Oscar for that.
Well, at least he has a kick-ass name.

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