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Desc:What part of this seemed like a good idea?
Category:Crime, News & Politics
Tags:meat, elderly, scam, unmarked truck, 0 worth of shitty meat
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Comment count is 15
Poor lady got hacked.
So, somebody stole Homer's idea of selling door to door, they just found a truck full of meat instead of sugar.
"I think this is a bad idea Julian" - Bubbles
My previous experience with stolen meat scams comes from the 2003 Chris Rock film "Head of State."


Stars for "0 worth of shitty meat."
Caminante Nocturno
"Door to Door Meat Scam" sounds like an episode of Invader Zim.
"We first told you about suspect meat selling 2 days ago..."
That was the best part. "We told you not to buy this shitty meat but apparently we're talking to ourselves over here!"

Meat scammers troll our neighborhood once or twice a year. I always mess with them until I get enough stinkeye from my wife.

I fell for this scam. I was high at the time and walking to the grocery store to buy meat. I spent on meat. That guy was motherfucking good. He was all I work at a steak restaurant and the freezer broke and I really have to sell all this meat fast! Can you help me?

The twin desire to be a nice person and help someone while also being an evil fucker and exploiting them is the motivating factor in the best scams.
The Nigerian government is attempting to take possession of my bank account, currently valued at about million. Would you give me your account information so that I can transfer this sum to you?

My routing number is 098567432 and my account number is 1600237483931, please hurry!

Robin Kestrel
Mom, the meat truck's here!
Have the POE ads always had "guaranteed to remove chemtrails" or do they just really know their audience?
When I had an icecream truck I played The Entertainer over the loudspeaker, meat sellers play....
Robin Kestrel
Helter Skelter by the Beatles.

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