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Desc:Where do they all come from/belong?
Category:Fashion, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Sweden, self help, PUA, (point to schlong)
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Comment count is 16
Stockholm Syndrome.
Shlongholm Syndrome

Oscar Wildcat
An audience of wraiths seeking the warmth of a hu-man.
Jet Bin Fever
So many awful moments. I just can't turn it off.
Wait... the first question wasn't "how do I put my wiener into a girl's sexhole"?!?!?! It wasn't even related! What the fuck is going on here?
The greatest challenge to the Super-Friends yet!
I'm not sure if i can handle watching the whole thing. The DB-meter will probably be off the charts.
The Mothership
I lasted 2 minutes.
Any dating advice strewn with acronyms is destined for failure.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I've been avoiding all PUA videos, in fact this is my first. Is it...supposed to feel like a practical joke all the way through? I zipped around and it's all...awkward. More and more. So awkward, like awkward became a glowing singularity and sucked all of the awkwardness of the universe and crystallized it in one video just for us.

Things I learned, that I took studious notes on:

* Go outside.
* One dude loves putting on PUA conventions MORE than PUA!
* Trying to talk your way into sex is spiritual, holistic, diamondlike
* Melvin looks and sounds exactly like I would picture a Melvin
* Make friends
No, this is dead serious. These guys get 00-00 or more for private lessons, and something in the -0 range for 1-2 hour tutoring sessions from what I've heard them say in other videos.

There's actually at least one video where one of them tells the audience flat-out that "95%" of people who get into this "don't get any good at it," and yet lonely IT types with too much money keep flocking to it.

I'm guessing most if not all of the "5%" who do "get good" go on to become PUA coaches themselves, too.

It's kind of like a tupperware party for rape culture.

Sudan no1
A pyramid scheme for Finger painting rapists.

Why would you spend 0 on PUA tutoring when sex only costs about 0?

There's pretty close to a 100% chance that you'll get good at purchasing the services of a prostitute.

Syd Midnight
They think they're already doing that. They're Nice Guys, if they spend money on a girl that means she owes them sex.

Besides, this is just their larval stage. They'll marry the first woman they fuck, then emerge from the divorce as a fully grown MRA. If they never have sex they eventually become a sterile TFL drone.

That room is going to smell like axe body spray for a long time.
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