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Desc:and not happy about it
Category:Nature & Places
Tags:snow, Bobcat, trappers
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Spaceman Africa
Apparently the two trappers are cartoon characters.
That guy
...for the rare opportunity of doing a good deed while fucking with a dangerous wild animal.
Just bock up.
And then the bobcat went off to murder an entire family of chipmunks.

How's that for your Trolley Problem?
Look, his name is "Robert", show some respect and respect will be returned.
HAHAHA! It's in pain and terrified!!
Christ. The same could be said of Chris-Chan, a human being. And 4chan is hardly releasing Chris-Chan from any traps.

Also, one bobcat in its lifetime will make numerous other animals terrified, and many of them will go through excruciating pain.

Also, fuck you.

Adrenaline-fueled laughter as they put themselves at risk to free a trapped animal. You might as well get on them for using bad words too.

hooker's right.
being harassed on the internet is exactly the same as being in a physical trap. And needlessly harming an animal is exactly the same as killing and eating one for sustenance.

What do you mean, needlessly harming?

Also, you didn't address my third post.

this bobcat was very hurt and embarrassed at having its shame put on youtube for people to laugh at and send to their grandmas

TeenerTot sucks.

I tell you my friends, who are the animals? Is it this little bobcat here, or is the animal.... us?

Wonko the Sane
The deadliest animal is... bobcat

Yea, what Bort said.

The rest of the posts from Change and above are kinda flailing around at the obligatory (for poetv) furrowed-brow-won't-someone-please-think-of-the-animals post, which is behavior about on par with a bobcat trying to maul the people trying to help it. Hasa Diga Eebowai.

That's a whole lot of mouth breathing inference, right there. :)

Killer Joe
Well... what were they hoping to catch?
there was no info on the youtube page. I don't think we even know if these guys put out the traps or if they just found this guy like this.
White Trash Party
http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/15uoqx/my_friend_accidenta lly_trapped_a_bobcat_heres_a/

It's their trap. It's apparently designed not injure but of course flailing around like that it's possible for the bobcat to get hurt.

You know, at 1:44 I was almost convinced that the Bobcat was going to be 'bros-for-life' with the guys for letting him go and not skinning/eating him.

Instead it was all 'hissing and betrayal'.

Just like a woman.
Koda Maja
That's exactly why I never release women from my traps.

Jet Bin Fever
Trapping is the pussiest form of hunting.
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