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Desc:Gingerbread contest entry
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:of, legends, league, renekton, icing
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The Mothership
Oh wow, it's Broc! Hey man, how you been? Ain't seen you in ages. Still plugging your 'The Romans' youtube channel, I see.
I had a witty comment to make but you've taken the fun out of it.

i worked pretty hard at it too... sigh.

League of Legends might be the only game out there with a 'hardcore' community that makes it less than CoD.
Less fun. Whatever.

Sudan no1
I like League of Legends, it's DoTA with a slightly less steep learning curve, but this thing sucks. Sorry.
I was enjoying it till I hit 20 or so. The steep incline of "pro" players that make the game no fun for both sides quickly ruined it for me.

Sudan no1
It's true that those people suck, but every moba is full of that kind of person, its usually easy to ignore them, there is a punishment system for the real assholes, and it's not a hard game to become "pro" at in my opinion.

Read a book.
Hugo Gorilla
I'm guessing this guy has a lot of puppet accounts here or a bunch of buddies to up vote this video.
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