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Desc:in case you hadn't noticed
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:, charlie brooker, 2012
Submitted:Born in the RSR
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Comment count is 16
Five stars. All of this is brilliant. Ruthless, but brilliant.
That guy
Not the best of all Brooker, but much better than most non-Brooker.
I think his hair is better now.
Isn't that David Lynch's haircut?

Is this all he really does now? A yearly roundup? He can't get Newswipe, Gamewipe or Screenwipe on air anymore? I mean, it would make sense, he is constantly criticizing the system, would be surprised if he pissed too many folks off to have regular shows anymore, but still. I want more Brooker in my life.
WOULDN'T, that is

No, he has a "Daily Show" equivalent that features David Mitchell as a commentator, but it's largely too regional for our interests as Americans.

His Daily Show thing is called 10 O'Clock Live. I believe it's coming back soon (February?).

He has a new series which I think is called "Weekly Wipe" that premieres later this month.

He writes a weekly column in the Guardian which is pretty decent.

On the fiction side, he did Back Mirror last year and there's more of that coming Jan 28th. A Touch Of Cloth is a pretty good update of the Police Squad parody of crime shows.

Oh, and he had a kid last year.

Caminante Nocturno
Charlie Brooker is sick and tired of our collective pedantry.
Jonah fucking Falcon.
Caminante Nocturno
Seriously, of all the people to see on a Charlie Brooker show...

MacGyver Style Bomb
Fuck Television.
Innocent Bystander
Give us hell, Qui- Brooker!
Barry Shitpeas is a man I can identify with.
Like the weather last year; some sunny intervals but mainly drizzle with occasional heavy downpours. Hope the new series of 'Wipe in spring is better.
Binro the Heretic
How did I never notice that before?

A ballpark resemblance to Jerry Seinfeld was the running mate of a ballpark resemblance to Bruce Campbell.

And "Twat-Dazzling Technology" would make an awesome band name.
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