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Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:circus, call of duty, CoD
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Comment count is 13
Oh, come now. This is the Snow Crash-ish hyper-reality that has always made the Internet what it is. Don't tell me we have to look down our noses at people acting strange in online shooters now.
If they write songs about it?

I haven't played a CoD since back when they still used a basic numbering system. Once campaign co-op stopped, so did I. Anyway, crawl-jump-foot-stabbing honestly seems like the most annoying strategy in a shooter since selecting Oddjob.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Funnier then it has any right to be.
Well it barely scratches on the Spawn Trap Artists that go around in teams of 6 and 9 and play games where there's no spawn flipping so you basically walk one foot before a bouncing betty goes off or a sniper blasts you.
Yes, I have this problem too.

As long as you guys play, can you tell me what the deal with quickscope/noscope is? Is it worth an achievement or something? There's a fuckton of videos of "Get noscooooped!" videos out there.

Spaceman Africa
Quickscope/noscopes can apparently take "skill" to do, so if you successfully pull one off I guess that's impressive?

(they dont)

Its funny, I knew I should have gotten it for PC, but nooooo I have like two people who I barely ever play with who would be butthurt if I didnt get the 360 version and I let that influence my decision. Dummmmmmbbbbb.

Also 'plays real life at 14 sensitivity' is one of the best insults I've heard in a while.
Caminante Nocturno
That line deserves stars.

Jet Bin Fever
Really well done, and I hate -everything- about these games.
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