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Category:Educational, Fashion
Tags:Juggalo, ICP, freestyle, white people
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Cockmaster Flash
"I might sever your head off and fuck your mouth."
Prickly Pete
GREAT FREESTYLE! But whaaaaaaaaaaaat? http://youtu.be/DcFhfBS2wSE
Prickly Pete
Stupid poetTV cut off the rest of my comment. It said to click that link and skip to 1:20 for Violent J's part, and that that song predates this "freestyle" by about 8 years ish. Soooooo yeah.


Jet Bin Fever
Man, how would you even find that though?

Hah, I was thinking "that's a decent freestyle" but now that I know someone actually wrote such awful lyrics my ever increasing malice towards ICP is again justified. Woop wooooop!

Prickly Pete
Jet Bin: Do the math...

And nobody confuse PegLegPete's remarks for my own; not all alliterative Petes think alike! And I'm sure he'd hate for people think he listens to something other than, idk, Drake, or whatever he likes.

So what I'm gathering is that Prickly Pete is actually Violent J.

Prickly Pete
I wish!

Prickly Pete is Monoxide Child. He's beefin' with ICP over the Twiztid-Psychopathic split, so that's why a- he knows so much about ICP and b- he's playa hatin on a clown by exposing their straight juggaho bullshit.

Ok, now that just makes sense.

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