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Desc:It's Cuckold Time, come on and grab your friends! We're going to very distant lands...
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Educational
Tags:goanimate, cuckold, Cuckold Time, shitty things made by shitty people
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Comment count is 15
Not sure if I like the inevitable "Cuckhold week" that seems imminent.
How is "shitty things made by shitty people" not an active tag?
goanimate apparently has two modes: Family Guy and Naruto
This is Hannah Barbara of the Elder Gods.
Wow, you feminized the entire name.

My bad, poor quality control.

This is the Hamfist Barbarifuckrape of the Elder Gods.

goanimate should stop animate, if you get what I'm sayin'
Innocent Bystander
I wonder if the good folks who developed goanimate know what it's mostly used for.

Syd Midnight
I don't find the basic idea behind cuckolding very weird on the surface, it's the specific little universal details that make it a hilarious abberation.
Ancient Japan could have been like this. YOU don't know.
Why does cuckold stuff always have to be racist?
Innocent Bystander
Because it mostly features insecure white guys?

What I find really fucked about this particular example is that the dad is apparently okay with incorporating his own daughter as a component of his sex games. That is just a whole other level of messed up.

Innocent Bystander
That first sentence was supposed to be something like:

I guess so, since they mostly feature insecure white guys.

It must really suck to be a black guy with a cuckold fetish.

This isn't my kink, but it's close enough that I'm pretty familiar with this type of porn. That kind of stuff is a lot less common, certainly less common than the racist shit, but it's out there. There's the occasional but very disturbing fantasy about a presumably underage babysitter or a stepdaughter. They're generally the initiators of the behavior, but still, it's fantasizing about your wife's daughter. What the fuck?

White bulls exist but are quite rare which ironically makes them more exotic.

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