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Desc:Daft Punk ad for new album 'Random Access Memories'
Category:Advertisements, Arts
Tags:daft punk, pharrell, Nile Rodgers, Random Access Memories, Get Lucky
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Comment count is 25
Lef - 2013-04-16
It was in the hopper overnight with a bad link, but this minute is better than anything I've heard in months.

So no apologies for pushing it out.
SolRo - 2013-04-16
daft punk? 5 stars

new daft punk?!?!
Jane Error - 2013-04-16
Daft Punk is automatic five stars, but also SO MUCH GLITTER
Merzbau - 2013-04-16
Nile Rodgers tag?
Lef - 2013-04-16
Done, disco has been removed.

And sorry for the person who first submitted this, but your link was broken and no-one could watch it.

memedumpster - 2013-04-16
I hope that Lucite guitar is just for the video, because a tour with one of those would cripple you for life.
Gmork - 2013-04-16
I hear they use some other lighter material now

Gmork - 2013-04-16
but yes fuck those things

EvilHomer - 2013-04-16
They're robots. They can probably bench a semi-truck.

Prickly Pete - 2013-04-16
I was skeptical when I heard this song was gonna have lyrics, but I'm completely convinced.
SolRo - 2013-04-16
It would take robots from the future to bring back disco.

tag suggestion; Hail our funky robot overlords
MrBuddy - 2013-04-16


(see official music video for extra psychedelic weirdness)

Riskbreaker - 2013-04-16
Giorgio Moroder is also working on this album. Expectations are going to be pretty fucking high.
Jet Bin Fever - 2013-04-16

Ursa_minor - 2013-04-16
Holy shit.
Also, the last shot is how these videos should be done.

badideasinaction - 2013-04-16
Okay, they've got my attention... Damn...

oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2013-04-16
also Paul Williams

Merzbau - 2013-04-16
The song he's on is titled "Giorgio by Moroder." Seriously.

chairsforcheap - 2013-04-16
they have made talk box an art
Kabbage - 2013-04-16
Must have.
misterbuns - 2013-04-16
Shame about the lens.
kingarthur - 2013-04-16
I owe Santigold an album purchase because Master Of My Make Believe was incredible, but after that: THIS.
dr_rock - 2013-04-18
Preordered the vinyl LP on Amazon. Can't freaking wait!
Spaceman Africa - 2013-04-18
I hope this doesn't end up Daft Punk's Be Here Now
The Mothership - 2014-08-26
Ok, so it's summer 2014 now, and it is very safe to say that this album DID in fact live up to expectations.
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