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Desc:satan is good
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:tom hanks, satan, The Burbs
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wow, i fell into a trance there for a moment.
Caminante Nocturno

He's a preetty cool guy.
Definitely in my top 5 movies, and why I will forgive Corey Feldman for anything. The kid's movie "Monster House" was a mechanical joyless version of this movie.

It's a tragedy that Rick Ducommun never took off. His biggest role outside of this was "utility guy" in Die Hard and a bunch of Pauly Shore movies :(
Rick Ducommun is the reason I can't like this movie. He's trying to be the funny annoying next-door neighbor (which a Randy Quaid or Charles Grodin can pull off easily), but he's just annoying. I love Brother Theodore, tho.

Don't forget his roll as Spaceballs Trooper. "Those are the guys who beat the shit out of us!" "And took our clothes, too!"

uh, role.

This is pretty much the last good Tom Hanks role, too.

This movie was the last gasp of greatness for so many before the fall: Hanks (though his real slide to crap came around Apollo 13), Feldman, Ducommun, and Joe Dante in particular. Jesus, look at Dante's work in the 80 compared to everything after: Small Soldiers, Looney Toons Back in Action, then a bunch of Netflix Z movies.

I hope saying Rick Ducommun is no Charles Grodin was a joke.

underrated film

Saw it in the theater. Twice, I think.

Watch Grodin in "After Hours" and get back to me, Fab.

Are we talking about the same Charles Grodin? The guy was never in After Hours. Were you thinking of Midnight Run?

He WAS in Beethoven, Beethoven's 2nd, So I Married an Axemurderer, Clifford, and ISHTAR!!!

So yeah, point goes to Rick Ducomman.

Koda Maja
Are you thinking of John Heard?

Fuck, you're right, Fab, I meant Midnight Run. But yeah, Grodin was in all those other shitty films you mentioned. He's just not very good at picking films that suit him. I can't think of a single film I've liked Duccomun in, tho.

And there's no need to bring the brilliant John Heard into this, Koda.

Blood Freak used this exact moment as a sample in one of their songs.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Astrobotnia, an act on Aphex Twin's record label, used this as a sample, too.


This movie is full of classic moments.

Jimmy Labatt
Favourite would have to be Bruce Dern threatening that he'd staple the dog's ass shut or yelling HEY PINOCCHIO WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING! at that ginger-haired freak.

Classic movie, to be sure.

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